Friday, August 13, 2010

Boy, Girl, Twins, Triplets...

Remember that song we used to sing on the playground as kids? The one where you would try to determine what your friend would have in the far-off future? The only part I can remember of it, "something, something...Wrap it up in toilet paper, send it down the elevator..Boy..Girl..Twins..Trip-a-lets..Boy..Girl..Twins..Trip-a-lets..." I think it was like a jump roping song and whichever word you landed on (girl, triplets, etc) sealed your fate. But that's what came to mind when I thought about the whole gender revelation Hector and I just went through. Childhood is fun, isn't it?

We knew we'd be finding out the sex of our baby before my birthday, which is next Saturday (August 21), we just didn't know when we'd get it scheduled. Like I told you, we had our 4 month check up on Monday. They were able to schedule our growth scan for this Thursday (August 12)! We were shocked, but we took it! We were expecting a week from now!

Let me also tell you what the girls and I did on Wednesday night, to find out the sex of Baby. As we were walking back to Callie's from RiceBoxx, Callie walked up to me and said, "Oh, we need to do an experiment on you when we get back. We just need a string and a needle." I'm sure my eyes bulged, "A needle?" She laughed and said, "To find out the sex of your baby! I read about it online!" (or something to that effect!) I said, "Oh! Isn't it your wedding band attached to a string? And we see which way if spins or swings?" She said, "Yea! We'll do that one!" So we got home and looked up the instructions online. I laid down on the ottoman in front of Ashley and Brittany while Callie administered the test. :) The guide said: Dangle the ring over the baby and if it swings back and forth, it's a Boy, if it swings counter- or clockwise, it's a Girl.
It is totally a girl!
The ring swung round and round, but never side-to-side. Test over, we've figured it out, I can cancel my appointment. But I didn't. I still wanted to see my Bambina/o.

On our way out the door this morning we took 4 month preggo pictures:
This is technically 4 1/2 months. :) About 18 weeks.

We get to the doctor's office for our 9:30 appointment. We wait... I nearly threw up in the car--so nervous! Then at about 9:50, a nice looking lady in a lab coat poked her head through the door, "Mrs. Miranda?" I jumped up, "That's us!" She led us to a sono room we hadn't been in before. It was bigger. It worked. :) I lay down, she squirted the goop on my tummy, and I asked if Hector could take a picture of me on the table. She did not smile, but stepped way far back and said sternly, "Just one." We'll take it!
I think I look kinda pregnant there, don't you? :)

She took lots and lots of measurements of baby, before she even attempted the gender. We saw the femur, the humerus, the spine with all it's vertebrae, the rib cage, the sternum, the stomach and kidneys with amniotic fluid in them (showing us that the baby is swallowing the fluid and excreting it back into the uterus!), the lobes of the brain, and many other beautiful body parts I'm sure I'm leaving out. :)
Sweet profile and more thumb-sucking..

Baby's foot!

Kind of shady, but this is the hand and arm. See it?

And, can I just say that our Baby is particularly uncooperative when it comes to ultrasounds? The lady tried desperately to get the baby to move so she could get a good picture of the heart. The baby was positioned breech style (with feet down) kind of diagonal across my tummy, with it's back out towards us and it's hands crossed over it's head. Silly baby. She would tap my belly, turn me from side to back to other side (and repeat!), and verbally coerce the baby to please turn and face us. Baby was NOT having it. It looked to me like she could see the ventricles of the heart filling but not the atria.. at least that's what I saw. We worked for a long time at this, getting nowhere. Baby was comfy and defiant. So she gave up, said I'd need to come back in in 4 weeks to get a good picture of the heart. (Did I complain? NO! More pictures of my sweet child? Yes, please!) She said, "Well, let's see if this baby will even flash us.." More goop, more scanning, more turning and she very nonchalantly said, "And there's the little boy parts.."  

"Yea, it's a little boy! There's the boy parts!" And she drew and arrow for me and spelled it out. 
And that, my friends, is our little boy's...well.. boy part.

Tears of disbelief? joy? nervousness? relief? sprang to my eyes and I looked to Hector for support. He too had tears in his eyes, but was grinning from ear to ear. I'll never forget that face. He was loving this. He's We're going to have a son. He said, "That's crazy! I can't believe it!" I became a little more okay with it at this point. Let's face it.. I had wanted a little girl. To dress up, put bows in her hair, teach to cook, take know, girl things! I know that I almost immediately heard the words "soccer" and "gymnastics" come out of Hector's mouth.

This is a good thing. I just know it. We're going to be fine and our baby boy is healthy. Mom, Darlene and Charlie were on their way over to see our apartment and go shopping. I had not told Mom that we were finding out today. They were knocking on our door as we pulled into our parking spot. I jumped out, "Hi! Sorry! We just ran a quick errand!" We ran upstairs, gave the tour and chatted on the couches. Then I handed Mom a gift bag and said we'd gotten her something for helping us move. "Does it tell me the sex of the baby?" {GASP! How does she know????} "No Mom, don't you think I would have told you?" {jeez} She opened, slowly.. Hector had wrapped it well. {It was the "Love at first sight" baby boy frame they had given us, with a note saying, "Hammers and nails and puppy dog tails, It's a boy!"} Then she got to it and smiled..."It's a boy???! I told you! I knew it!" Proud Granna. :) Darlene and Charlie were very excited too. They started asking about names. So soon. We have some ideas, but nothing for sure, at all.

Then we went to eat at Olive Garden in Frisco, I showed Mom the wonder that is buybuyBaby, we walked through Target, and ended at Stonebriar Mall. We bought our baby boy his first outfit from Children's Place and Mom contributed two onesies. Too cute! :)

Hector called Dad and Josh, they were thrilled! I called Ivy, she's so excited! We texted all of our friends. What a wonderful day!



  1. Praise the Lord for a little boy!!!!! I'm so excited about this! PK and I knew it was going to be a boy... Now mags can have a cute boy to push her on the playground and flirt with! :) we're so happy for you guys, can't wait to finally start looking for boy clothes! Love yall.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Congratulations!!!! {again} Happy for you!! And you look fantastic!


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