Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Very hopeful...Internet tomorrow??

I'm getting really tired of making blog posts without pictures. I LOVE pictures and I can't share any right now because I've been posting from work. We are scheduled to get Internet at our apartment tomorrow, between 1 and 5. And By The Way... Why can't they narrow down the window any? That means I have to do nothing from 1-5.. In case they decide to show up. That being said, hopefully I will be making a blog post from HOME tomorrow night, once we have Internet. With pictures! To catch you up.

We had a doctor's appointment on Monday. We were 17 weeks, 3 days. Pretty routine, it was the 4 month checkup. My blood pressure was something like 118/70? I can't remember now. I gained four pounds this past month, which averages to 1 pound a week. PSSHEWW! I told Hector I was scared to get weighed, because I thought I'd gained about 9-10 pounds, seriously, and I didn't want to get yelled at. :) But only 4. Hmm, what else..? Baby's heart rate is still, as always in the 150s. I gave more blood. We asked about the Down syndrome screening we did last month--it was normal, she assured us we would have heard from her, had it been worrisome. Thank you Lord! Not that we were worried, but it is so nice to know that things are OK. :) I'm not showing, really... But some people think I definitely am (like Sallie, Hector, a random visitor in the NNICU who asked me point-blank if I was pregnant..??). Maybe I'm just.. rounder? Yuck, that sounds ugly. But I can feel it when I'm laying down. Soon, I'm sure. Like, days. :) That makes me happy, except, what will I wear? Thank goodness scrubs are forgiving. I haven't bought any bigger clothes. Sighhh, I guess that's next. And we love listening to the baby on our home Doppler scanner. :) I make visitors to our home listen, as well. They don't mind... right?

Well, this is it for now... as I am at work. :) Gotta go feed THREE babies right now.


  1. I definitely didn't mind listening to your baby's heart beat! Such an amazing sound! Looking forward to seeing you soon. You're going to be such a cute pregnant lady... you don't need to worry about gaining weight!

  2. I can't wait for you to get your belly and see your belly pics! Glad everything is going so great!!


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