Monday, September 5, 2011

A post I never got around to! Sorry, girlfriends!

I have two great friends at work, Sara and Denise. We all worked on nights and were all pregnant at the same time. So, naturally, we bonded over pregnancy, then deliveries, then newborn stages and now on the every day antics of our nearing-one-year-olds.

Denise delivered first, in November, a precious baby girl, E. Then Sara had M in the first week of December. Then, of course, Cohen came along the second week of January.

A couple weeks months ago, we got the kids together, finally(!) for a play date! We met at Sara's house and just played for a few hours! E and M were already crawling.. poor Cohen was stationary on the floor. He got trampled on a couple times. But he's tough. I only took a few pictures.. moving babies are even harder to capture in a picture!

M plowing over Cohen. To get into my lap..what a sweetie!

"Hey where is she going? And how...?"

Lots of new toys to choose from!

Miss E! She loves cameras!

Trying to get a couch picture.... E is claiming Cohen as hers, and M is pulling Coco's hair. :)

Doesn't she look like she's heading for trouble?? :)

Those baby blues! Precious!

Play dates are so fun! It's great for Cohen to interact with other babies, since he does not go to day care. And, after all, these are his girlfriends. :) At least E is, I think M has a bunch of boyfriends already. ;) Us moms can plan that out, right?

Can't wait until next time!

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