Tuesday, September 6, 2011

CD buddies

This is another play date, that I haven't had time to post! But at least this one was only a couple weeks ago, for real. Right before we went on vacation. So, I have an excuse.

I have this friend, Amber, who I went to high school with. We became friends when we were on the drill team together. Yes, my friends, I was on drill team.. in case I haven't forgot to mention that at some point. It. Was. Fun. Anyways, I did that freshman and sophomore years, then decided to quit. I know, quitter. But I quit drill team to involve myself in something much more useful. Home Economics! I ran for office and was elected to [some office, I'd have to pull out the yearbooks to remember] and who else was an officer? Amber! She graduated a year before me, but we were friends all during high school. Then she went off to school somewhere...right? Anyways, I went to university a year later and guess who also lived in my town and went to the other university in town? Amber! So, we hung out a few times then. A few years go by and we are friends on Facebook. Well, I get pregnant right? And announce it on Facebook last summer. Then who do you think announced her pregnancy that fall? Amber! haha. I know this has entertained you, but I just wanted to explain how we know each other.

So, in April (right, Amber?) E was born! He's just adorable and so, so sweet. I hadn't gotten to meet him (or see Amber) so, we planned a visit. It was so great! Here is E, with Cohen on the couch.

He's obviously a lot smaller than Coco at this point. Still a newborn, practically! So sweet!

And here are there fluffy bums!! 

CD, in case you were wondering, is the abbreviation for cloth diaper. I am writing a whole post about cloth diapers... so, come back for that, I won't get into all the glorious details right now. 

I'm hoping to see Amber and E again in a few weeks! It will be fun when E can crawl and play with Cohen! But I don't want to rush his growth... I know I sure miss Cohen's newborn days! 

What a fun evening! Thanks for letting me come over, Amber!

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