Monday, July 12, 2010


On Saturday night, we went bowling with our community group at 300 in Addison. It was so fun!

The guys, minus Cory (who was at another wedding!)

Callie just bowled and Preston is about to.

The Brannen's are home! Callie getting some much needed Maggie time!

We're practicing :) She's so alert and interested now!

Sallie, Callie and Jackie

Me and Hector, having fun bowling!

Preston resorted to "granny bowling"

Girls' final scores...Jackie wins! I never broke 100.. :(

Guys' final scores... Tyler won! Notice Preston's score... ;)

The night ended at the Ray's apartment.. The Cole's had to leave because Sallie had to work the next morning. We're all very jealous of David and Callie's tans... all of us except my Hector :)

Man! Bowling sure was fun! And I'd heard of but never been to 300. It's a little pricey, but it was a really fun place for a group to go to. And, BONUS, it wasn't smokey and dingy like the bowling alley back home!

Let's see.. On Wednesday night, Hector and I went out to dinner here in the Bishop Arts District. We love walking around down there. We chose Veracruz Cafe. We'd eaten there once before with our friends Natalie and Ry. But I didn't feel like cooking and just wanted to spend time with Hector. It is actually a really good restaurant! They boast Mesoamerican, Mayan, Huasteco & Aztec cuisine. Last time, Natalie and I had margaritas, but this time I couldn't. But they were good... I got gutsy this time and tried their signature blue corn enchiladas. I was SO pleasantly surprised, I almost ate every bite! Mine were chicken and Hector's were beef. We both agreed mine were the better of the two.

You can barely see the blue corn tortillas under all that cheese, but they're there! :)

Cutie... :)

Our waiter took our picture!

So.. All in all it was a great meal!

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  1. Ashley Anderson CourseyJuly 12, 2010 at 6:44 PM

    loveee the dingy smoky comment on the bowlin alley! ;)


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