Sunday, September 22, 2013

Liam's "Sprinkle"

Today was so special!

My wonderful Community Group friends wanted to have a little celebration for Baby Liam, so they put together a precious "sprinkle." We are so blessed with these friends. We know they love our Cohen, and we know they'll pass that love on to our little William, too, when he gets here. These guys have loved us so well, for about 4 years now. We only hope we can love them as purely as they have us!

The party was at Jackie and Patrick's house. We had BBQ. :) They know me too well! And each of the girls made a fantastic side dish to go along with the meat. Sweet tea and lemonade.. yum, yum, yum!

Get ready for too many pictures!

The delicious spread!

Look at Liam's adorable banner. 

Flowers by Sallie, she is so talented with flower arrangements.

My love bug, stirring his tea.

PK and his son, Mr. Colton!

They made an elephant drawing for Cohen and Maggie to color, but Miss Maggie was a little sick, so she didn't come (We missed her, Tyler and baby Baker!). Cohen colored it later. :)

The Rays!

Chowing down!

My big guy!

Ashley and baby Brooks and Jackie!

My dad, Patrick and Colton.

The hubby and me!

Presents for Liam!

William Emile Miranda

Daddy and his boy!

Patrick and Brooks, we missed Cory!

What was the dessert? Why... Sprinkles cupcakes!! LOOOVED it!

Getting after the coloring! (or "drawing" as Cohen called it)

Sallie and Jackie

The Coles even brought a gift for Cohen to open, so he wouldn't feel left out. It was a wooden pizza kit and he just loved it! Played with it for the rest of the party!


Granna and Pop got him this sweet onesie a few weeks ago in Canton, it says Made in Texas. :) So cute.

Me and the daddy! :) Love him so much!

I could be a professional cupcake model!

Hector and his buddy Patrick.

Sweet Brooks was so sleepy and fell asleep snuggled up next to Jackie. 

I had such a nice time! I'm so thankful for my friends throwing it, for my parents driving over for it and for Hector being able to take a long break from work to come and enjoy it with me. Thankful for the gifts Little Liam received today. We're getting so excited to meet him!!

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