Sunday, September 1, 2013

Only 10 more??

We are 30 weeks! Time has flown by, I swear!

How big is baby? the size of head of lettuce! What to Expect app says baby weighs 3.2 pounds and is about 18 inches from head to feet.
Weight gain/loss: I'm not weighing myself this week :) I'll update this on the next one.
Sleep: Sleep is not good. I feel pretty tired these days, especially at work. I still nap if I can. I wake up so many times a night. Usually to go to the restroom, even if it's very little pee. :( Gets old. My hips hurt all the time. My AMAZING friend Leslie, took my complaints about sleep to heart the other day, and gifted me with a pregnancy body pillow. It has made sleep much, much better. And it helps me stay on my side! (I tend to wake up on my back a lot) :-/
Movement: Still moving a lot! I feel body parts now. Pretty sure he pokes his little booty out a lot. 
Symptoms: Backaches when I don't rest enough or drink water. Reflux, reflux, reflux. Now, I'm taking Protonix for the reflux. If it doesn't help enough, Dr. R will order Nexium for me. :) Other than the gross reflux, I feel pretty great right now. Feel lots of pelvic pressure, too.
Belly Button: Innie still! (with Coco, it never popped out!)
Food Cravings: Sweets! Mannnn, do I have a sweet tooth! Cookies and milk, cupcakes, s'mores.. Bring it on!
Gender: It's a BOY! William Emile Miranda, "Liam"
What I miss? Sleeping on tummy (or good, at all), feeling rested
What I'm looking forward to? Some cooler weather.. it was 105 degrees on the way home from work tonight (7:30pm)
Big brother: He is great! He likes to kiss my belly now and says "I love you!" to him. I can't believe how grown up he is. He had his first day with his sitter, Laura, this past Friday. :) It went well, and he was very tired at night time!
Dr. Appointment notes: I'll be going to the doctor this Thursday (when I turn 31 weeks) So, I'll come back and update. There wasn't anything spectacular about my last appt. I got my Rhogam shot. I told her about some abnormal movements Liam did on my birthday. He woke me up at about 5am, and I was on my right side. He was stomping and punching very rapidly and for about 20 minutes. It really scared me. Eventually I realized I should get off my right side, that I might be cutting off circulation to him or something. I just feel like he was in distress or something. Dr. R wanted me to tell her immediately if it happens again. It hasn't. But I just worry that I hurt him. So, I'm super glad that I have that pillow to help me. I'm praying he's ok. He's been moving great and has a perfect heart rate. 

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