Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bubbles, Lovey and Grandparents

I'm still trying to figure out the 'ol DSLR camera.. it's getting a tiny bit easier. It's still tempting to put it on "Auto" when I'm in a hurry, so I try to practice in situations that are not urgent. :) But this is also difficult, because, this kid doesn't stop moving. I'm secretly super excited to be taking pictures of my sleeping newborn in a month. :) Maybe I'll get really good then!

Last night I pulled the camera out for bath time. And I took pictures until Cohen got in too much trouble (i.e. splashing Mommy repeatedly, then finally, pouring water outside of the tub, via his bath drum).

Either this whole pic is blurry (highly-likely) or his left eye is super blurry. I'll chalk it up to him barely sitting still for a pic.

Drumming away!!

Oh my handsome. What am I going to do with him?

Just a playin' with letters!

Loves to swim in the tub now. Losing his fears of water. 

Then, at breakfast today, I took a couple. 

I love this one! Sleepy, puffy eyes and all. This is 'mouth full of cereal'. 

And our beloved Lovey. 

And finally, my parents were over here this afternoon because dad had business near here. They always try to squeeze in a visit when they are so close. I love it. We all went out to the PGA store together, then to the mall to visit Daddy at PBK. Then back home for a bit more playtime before they had to head home. 

Cohen's beautiful Granna, my mom. She is literally his most favorite person in the world.

My dad, Cohen's Pop! It's really hard to get pictures of him smiling, but around Coco, there's so much laughing going on, I caught a few. Blurry belly from bucking Coco!


More smiles! They are best buddies. It's wonderful!

So, like I said.. I'm feeling more comfortable with the camera.. but I'm so ready for my still subject to get here! (5 weeks and counting! Look for Liam post on Thursday!)

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