Thursday, September 12, 2013

First trip to the library!

I have been meaning to take Cohen to the library for so long. We're home most mornings, and there is a library like 5 minutes from our apartment.

So today, after our breakfast, a baby powder fight (Cohen found out if he shakes the powder, it will fly out and go everywhere) and showers for both of us, we loaded up and went to the library. It was only 98 degrees outside.. so.. yea. We were sweating by the time we got there. Yuck. Did I mention I'm ready for this outrageous heat to ease up?

Now, Cohen is a pretty loud kid. He's happy and excited and he shows it with his voice. :) So he had a pretty rough transition into library world. But then he kinda "got" it and started whispering. And he would mouth words at me and think I understood them. It was cute, but none of it made sense. Haha.

I love this sweet picture of Coco. I tried to get a picture of him just looking at books, but as soon as he saw me pull out the camera, he came up and started cheesin'.

It's still pretty fun (not to mention easy, since I'm 8 months preggo!) to get away from Mama, so, he liked to stay about one row over from me. And he would tell me, "I jus' lookin' mama! I only lookin'!"

Lots and lots of children's books. We came home with about 8!

Then he discovered the kids' computers. He didn't know exactly how to play any of the games, but thought he was real big, sitting there with the headphones on, pressing all the keys. :) Gosh, he's cute!

As I was checking out our books, he ran back over to the children's section and came back with a Cars book. I had seen him looking at it earlier, but he put it back. So cute that he remembered where it was and grabbed it for me to check out. It's a book that introduces and talks about all the characters in "Cars". That's my boy! :)

So, a successful first trip to the library!

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