Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our 4 month old..

Yes. He's almost 5 months. Like in 5 days.

But-last month (May 13th, to be exact) our little boy turned 4 months old.

Four Months Old!
Yes, it was pre-summer in Texas, but Daddy wanted some pictures of Coco in this outfit. :)

I can't do the full update like I normally do, because now I have month 5 mixed up with month 4. 

But I can tell you he was not sleeping through the night. Still woke up about 2 times at night. He was going to sleep around 8pm. 

At his 4 month doctor's appointment he weighed 15 pounds, 8 ounces (60th%tile) and was 25 1/2 inches long (75th%tile). Big boy!! 

About 7-10 days before he turned 4 months, we started rice cereal. Now, we know they say 4 months for introducing solids.. but he was ready! He was watching with puppy dog eyes when Hector and I would eat in front of him. And he could sit up in his bumbo chair, no problems. He did the tongue thrusting the first time the spoon went in his mouth, but not so much after. 

His first bites!

Pretty sure he's starting teething. :-/

See? He's not always smiling.. :)

Mr. Coco waiting to see Dr. Leon!

Well, I'm very sorry I haven't had made time to blog. I really want to be better. Because I want this to be a complete account of Cohen's life for him (and me!) to look back on. You see how months 4 and 5 are already running together? Imagine when he's 4 years old and I'm trying to remember his infant days. :( Shhh, I don't wanna think about it!

Well, nothing new here.. Cohen is still the biggest Joy in our lives. We thank God for him every day. 

Ok, maybe some things are new here. Hector started a new job that he's enjoying. And I work day shift now! Hoorayyy! I work Friday, Saturday and Sunday now. It's great! I've done one weekend so far and I loved it. I got to put Cohen to bed each night and didn't have to flip back to days once my shifts were over. And I'm in the middle of my four days off with him. And I don't know if I've just willed them to, or not, but these days with him are going by slowly. And I wanted that so much. Time with Cohen seems to slip away from me, so quickly. 

More later. And sooner. :) I promise. 

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