Monday, June 27, 2011

Ranger Game

Last Wednesday, my wonderful parents treated us all to a Ranger Game! It was Cohen's first game! We were so excited to go. Cohen had a sweet little onesie Ranger jersey and a Ranger ball cap.

Hector and I drove over to Arlington in the early afternoon and hung out with Granna and Pop at their hotel.
Ranger's biggest fan!  

Sitting up! 

Pop trying to get Coco to nap before the game. Didn't happen.

Then we went to Sherlock's Pub (they run a shuttle to and from the Ranger game!) and had drinks and appetizers. Josh and his friend Salvadore met us there after they got done with summer school.

 Cohen got really hot and had to be stripped down to a diaper. :)

We're doing the Tom Haverford face (from Parks and Rec)  :D

 My Mom and Dad!!

We bought Cohen a Hamilton shirt, then we ran into Rangers Captain! (the mascot!) I was afraid he'd cry, but he didn't!

As far as how he tolerated the game? I'd say he did fair... He needed a nap, and took a small one at the game. But it was so hot and it was really loud. Every time the Ranger's scored and people cheered and clapped, he scream-cried. :( We saw a baby down in front of us that was wearing ear muffs! Not like cold weather muffs, but noise-reducing muffs! If we go back this summer, Coco needs those! 

The Rangers didn't win :( but we had a good time and are so thankful my parents wanted to take us! Thanks Mom and Dad!

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  1. Yay for Ranger games! He was adorable in his little outfit- of course you already knew that! I want to come to Dallas and visit you guys, maybe we could catch lunch?
    I had to catch up on your blogs, I fell a little behind! Love reading them- and feel like it keeps us connected in the midst of very busy lives! Hope everything is going great this week! Love you Em!


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