Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lack of time

I used to hate it when people had babies and consequently ignored their blogs. I thought, "Can't they just blog when the baby sleeps? Don't babies sleep like 16 out of 24 hours a day??"

Well. I stand corrected.

Even while pregnant, I envisioned myself as Supermom, keeping up with my blog. Writing more often than once every 2 weeks. Surprise, my friends, reality is a stinging slap in the face. And so is trying to parent a 4-month-old after getting 3.5 hours of sleep. Note: I don't usually only get 3.5 hours, I'm just having trouble sleeping at night since returning to my precious night-shift nursing job... June can't get here fast enough. (I'm moving to day shift!!)

When my Cohen takes his first nap, around 10 am to 11:30 or 12, I nap too. I can't help myself. I curl up on the couch and try to catch a good hour and a half of coveted zzz's. I only wake when I hear him stirring in his swing. Then we're up and at 'em.

A few of the things I do when he's awake?
Feed him.
Change his diapers. Sometimes twice, sometimes three times.
Change his clothes.
Start a load of laundry.
Wash bottles and other dishes.
Pick up all his toys.
Get out toys for him to play with.
Scarf down a snack for myself.

These are just a few of my favorite things. And the sweet boy is in a stage right now where he can't be left to play by himself for very long. 10 minutes is pushing it. Then during his afternoon nap, I use this time for the finer things in life. Like showering, for example. Or blogging, or watching an episode of Desperate Housewives or Glee from two weeks ago. Yes, I'm usually that behind.

This may sound like complaining, but really, it's just writing. I wouldn't trade a moment with my son for anything in the world. His 4 month (yes...FOUR month) update will be coming later this week.

But, come on... does it get easier? Will I ever feel caught up, on top of things again? I think I equate Cohen sleeping through the night with the return of my sanity. More on this in his monthly update. We recently got triplets at work and I can't help but wonder what those parents are going to do once they get their babies home. Go nuts, I'd imagine. I am immensely thankful to have a husband who can keep our baby at night while I work and during the day for a bit while I sleep. His work can work around it. We are blessed beyond measure.

So, Supermom, if you're out there (and self-righteous enough), tell me your secrets. :)

Be looking for a yummy cuppie (my new term for cupcake, I think) recipe in a couple days!!

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  1. Ahhh, supermom.... the impossible goal that stresses out mother's everywhere!! I will tell you that it does get better. You are working while he sleeps at night, so that takes away a big chunk of your time... but take a deep breath, every stage and age has it's challenges and although I still feel like I'm only productive during naptime, I have learned to reduce my to-do list and accept my life as it is right now!


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