Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sweet, Precious Times

You know how they say, "All good things must come to an end"? Well, it's a suck-y quote, but I've come to find out it's true. Now, the length of said "good things", now that's debatable. Some good things, like my marriage or watching my son grow, for instance, are still going. They will end, but a LONG time from now, by the grace of God. But then some good things, like vacations or birthday parties, those end. Last year's news. Missed, but nothing to dwell on.

If you've been following this blog for a while now, you know Hector and I joined a Foundation Group at Watermark Community Church back in the fall of 2009, after we got married. It has been probably the greatest thing we could have done for our marriage. We learned patience and understanding for each other, kindness towards ourselves and others, forgiveness, service, budgeting and so much more. We were divinely grouped with an amazing bunch of couples. The Allens- Cory and Ashley, who are so similar to us, it's not funny. I swear Ashley and I grew up in the same house, just different cities! The Brannens- David and Callie, one of the purest and most giving couples we've ever met. The Coles- Tyler and Sallie, our solid rocks, we've turned to this sweet couple time after time. The Dunns- Preston and Brittany, the fun-loving, faithful Dunns. They care so much about each of us. And the Rays- Patrick and Jackie, our very dear friends. We live close to them and have since bonded very well with them.

I guess we all knew we wouldn't be together forever, but we sure hated to see our group change so soon. The Dunns have moved to Colorado for Preston to pursue advancement in his career. And the Brannens are moving to Houston for David's job and also to start up their Apartment Life ministry. It is so sad, and hard to swallow.. but our group is morphing and we have to go with it. Just give it to God and go with it. We are left with a very solid foundation of four couples. We are graduating into a Community Group. :) We'll now be leading ourselves. We can choose whether we want to study a book, or study Scripture or follow a video series. We're excited to see where God takes our group.

We had the opportunity to have a "Last Supper" with our entire group, babies included, before the Dunns and Brannens left. We met at Chuy's and enjoyed dinner.
The Dunns and Preston's Mom and Dad

Our whole group!

Brittany and me :)

All of us girls - my dearest friends <3

Hector and his buddy Preston (with Coco, who was obviously tired!)

We wish the Brannens and the Dunns all the best of luck. We'll stay in touch and will always be praying for you!

My Cohen is 5 months, 10 days old. Have I taken his Tonka picture? No. Is it coming? Yes. (I hope.)
We did take these pictures of him on June 13th (his 5 month birthday) during bath time.
Those cheeks!!!

Love his ducky that quacks at him!

This is our mirror after Hurricane Coco hits the bathroom!

My big 5 month old... :)

He LOVES his oatmeal:
It. Gets. Everywhere. (We're working on keeping our hands out of our mouth while eating...)

We were going to start fruits and veggies once he turned 5 months, but I decided I wanted him to be 6 months before we introduced more than the oatmeal or rice cereal. 

He's teething. More on this later, I promise. Can I just say, I want my sweet boy back. :)

He loves sitting up, where he can see that precious baby in the mirror. :)

My sweet friend Deanna married her best friend, Chris this past weekend. It was such a sweet, personal wedding. I'm so happy for them, seriously a match made in Heaven. Hope they're having fun in CABO this week! :P

Isn't she beautiful? So happy for her!

Happiest baby on earth! (not on the car ride home, however, his gums were hurting him..) :(

Cohen got to go to his first Ranger Game last night, but I am so tired, and I have to work in the morning.. so, I'll have to save that one for another night. Hope you enjoyed reading!


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  1. Even I'm going to miss your friends! You have a great group of friends, what a blessing!


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