Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wait...We have a 2 month old???

Somehow or another... January 13th, Cohen's birthday, which used to be a couple days ago, then a few weeks ago, is now TWO MONTHS ago. Where has time gone? Man, it has been a good month, since my last big Cohen update.

-Sleeping- We are trying to get Cohen on a schedule so that it will *hopefully* be a little easier for Daddy when I return to work. We bathe him around 8-8:30, then pajama him up, then I nurse him. And while nursing he is usually getting heavy eyed. We usually have him into the pack-n-play by about 9:30-10. The pack-n-play is in our room. In this first leg of sleep, he will sleep 4-5 hours. His second leg of sleep is usually somewhere from 3-4 hours, but has been 5 hours, once. :) Then he'll stay awake for a while in our bed, then fall back asleep for a morning nap-usually 2 hours. We went through a period of days where he simply would not nap--all. day. Talk about a cranky baby! Now he seems to be interested in napping again. He usually naps in the swing. Best idea? Probably not, but if he's resting, I'm happy.

-Eating- Not much has changed in the eating category. He does seem to be eating more often, however. Growing? I think so. During the day he is eating every 2-3 hours. I always nurse him and if he still acts hungry, we make him a bottle. I think he's taking about 4-4.5 ounces. I can't be sure, of course, because I'm not pumping, just feeding him. He's getting more and more curious, though, so he swings fists, kicks feet and looks all around while nursing (unless it's nighttime).

-Growing- Like a weed! We go to the doctor tomorrow, so we'll get new measurements then. I believe he's about 12 pounds. His little belly isn't so little anymore! It hangs over some of his little pants! :) But he's so cute! But, I'll update this part later!

-Development- He's doing so well! He holds his head up all the time. He still isn't crazy about tummy time yet, but is more tolerant of it. He is starting to grasp things in his hands, like my shirt, his clothes and occasionally his lovey blanket. He talks to us all the time! Makes "oooh," "ahmm," and "goo" sounds. He smiles at us when we smile at him. He smiles when he's nursing (I love that!). He smiles during bath time, he smiles when we say "Oooh!" to him. He is a smiley baby! But still gives us a fair share of frowns! Speaking of bath time.. he LOVES it! It just calms him like nothing else! And he makes amazing eye contact with us during bath time. He looks at his car seat toys when we go on trips. He likes to stand in our laps-loves it, actually. And he'll bounce in our laps. He has rolled over from tummy to back several times now! He does it when he's protesting tummy time. :) Today he attempted rolling back to front, but didn't quite make it. ;) He still loves looking at our frames. Can't beat that black and white contrast!

Here is last month's Tonka Picture:
1 month old
And this month's Tonka Picture:
2 months old
He was not crazy about taking any Tonka pictures today and he cried through a lot of it. We had to keep stopping to soothe him, then try again!

Ahhh.. they look just alike!
He's happy when he's naked! haha
Still tiny in his crib, I think :)
protesting that tummy time!

So..Our sweet boy is 2 months old. It scares me that these two months went by so quickly.. Is that how it's always gonna be? I want time to slow down so he can be my little baby Cohen for just a while longer. 
Thanks for checking in on our Cohen. We are so blessed. :)

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  1. such a cutie pie! it's been a blessing to watch him growing up!


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