Saturday, March 26, 2011

Growin' Cohen

I forgot that I said I'd update on Cohen's growth after his doctor's appointment last week.

He loves his Mommy :)

I like this one.. we're waiting for the doctor to come in.

Playing on the table, or kicking Daddy

Looking at that cute baby in the mirror!

He knew he was about to get FIVE shots! :( :( :(

He had a good report. We had a whole list of questions to ask..and we did! :) I bet the doctor was like, " really brought a list.. and you're actually checking things off of it.." Nah.. she was very nice. Our pediatrician was out of town (it was spring break..) so we saw the doctor who shares her patients. And we liked her. We're kind of torn as to who to go back to. Because the second doctor seemed more thorough and interested. 

Weight: 12# 11.5oz (75%)
Length: 23 1/4 inches (70%)
Head: 15.5 inches (30%)

I guess he has extra brains. :)

Cohen's friend McKensley (Ok...My friend Sara's baby, McKensley) got a new seat the other day and put a picture of it on Facebook. And it looked like just what we needed. Cohen just falls out of his Bumbo seat, and this one had straps and a fun tray that circles it to keep him up. Plus, we're trying to facilitate more opportunities for him to grab things and use his hands. Until now, he has been utterly disinterested in his toys. Take a look at this.
He still needs a little support on his back.

Checking out that rattle ball!

LOVE this one! He was repeatedly batting at it and making it spin and rattle!

Too much of a good thing is a ... bad thing? :)

We Love our new seat. And it was on sale at Babies 'R Us.. Score! This is the first stop on the way to his bouncy seat that Granna and Pop bought him in Paris, that he was a wee bit too little for. Thanks, McKensley, for showing us how fun the Summer Infant Super Seat could be!

Coco's baby guayabera shirt! (Thank you Once Upon A Child!!)

I have exactly 10 days until I go back to work.. and I am NOT excited. :( I don't want to leave my baby boy. He's changing so much all the time and I don't want to miss a single thing. 

When in Paris, Cohen was sleeping 5 hours at night before waking up. We got back home and he slept for 3 hour intervals. Whhyyyy??? Then last night he slept for 5 hours again! I want to eliminate the night-time feeding altogether, but he doesn't seem ready. I fed him more often yesterday, like every 2-2.5 hours, so maybe that helped him sleep longer? I am drinking Milkmaid Tea and taking Fenugreek to help increase my milk supply. I'm proud to say Cohen hasn't had any supplemental formula since Wednesday evening! I want to be able to feed him all he needs. We plan to breastfeed for 6 months, if not longer. So, I need to make sure I'm making plenty of milk. And we don't want to be buying formula all the time. We have quite a stockpile of it right now, and we want to use that after we're done nursing. AND, I hate washing bottles! :) So that's a perk to straight breastfeeding!

So that's where he is! 10 weeks, 2 days old!

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  1. I LOVE that shirt!!! Too cute. So happy to hear that he is doing well and can't believe he's so big already! Love yall.


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