Sunday, March 13, 2011

Girls' Night Out!!

You don't realize how babyfied your world has really become until you step outside of it for a bit. We go places and we do things with Cohen all the time. But we lug the diapers, the bottles, the extra clothes, the burp cloths, the stroller, the blankets, etc. everywhere we go. And don't get me wrong, I LOVE it.. I have a super cute diaper bag to cram it all in to. But that's beside the point. I sometimes forget what it's like to just leave the house on a whim to run out and do something. Because I can't do that anymore. I have to make sure my sweet boy is ready and that I have all of his stuff and all of my stuff, then I can head out the door. And again, I embrace this responsibility, but it's just nice to leave on a moments notice, ya feel me?? :)

I digress.

The girls in our group decided we needed a girls' night out. So we arranged for the husbands to hang out and watch the babies (Cohen and Maggie) while we went out to a wine bar.

I said all that up there ^, to say this > When Jackie and Patrick got here (Jackie and I were going to ride together) PK sat his stuff down and said, "Well y'all get outta here! Go have fun!" I was ready and dumbfounded, so I planted a kiss on Hector and Cohen, grabbed my purse and walked out the door with Jackie! Just like that!  No checking the bags, no buckling the baby, no frantic rushing.. just walked out!


We went to Cru Wine Bar.. It was so fun! Such a neat atmosphere, and wonderful food!
Ashley and Sallie
Me and Jackie
My dessert:::::Chocolate Molten Cake with Raspberry Sauce
O..M..G.. I want to go back JUST for this cake!
Ok, maybe not just the cake.. the wine too!

You can order a "flight" of wines, which is three 2oz glasses of three different wines, then you can pick one of those to order a glass of. I chose "Regal Rieslings." (Flight #4, I believe) :) And then I ordered a glass of the first wine in my flight: Schloss Vollrads '09 from Rheingau, Germany. It was so tasty!

We had such wonderful, meaningful conversations that didn't involve the phrases, "Ahh Gooo! Ahh Gooo!" or "Diaper time, Cohen! It's DIAPER time!!" 

And even though my little angel was halfway asleep in Daddy's arms when we got back, you know I had to pick him up and give him all the loving I had pent up in those 2 and a half hours. :) 

We can't wait to do it again, even if it's just us girls at one of our houses. We have to make time for us. We laugh and it's good for us. :) 

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  1. Great times!! Loved hanging out with you and the girls, was so nice to get dressed up and chat over some wine. Love ya! :)


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