Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our Baby's Name

We finally decided on our son's name... :)  Well, we decided a couple weeks ago, but I wanted to get his "letters" for his nursery done first. It is the trend these days to hang cutesy letters above the baby crib in the nursery. I like this trend, but I didn't want your basic, run-of-the-mill painted letters in monogram style above his crib.

So I thought of my own way of doing them. Here are the pictures of the letters, as well as our baby boy's name. :)



Very exciting! This is the wall his crib will go on... when we finally get one. :)

We made the letters by printing a template off our computer and tracing it onto photo matting board. Then we cut out the letters. I put a layer of quilting batting on next, to give depth. Finally we covered the matting and batting (hehe!) with brown microsuede. We made the names with simple scrapbooking stickers. The colors are a little deceiving in these photos.. I took one that has a flash glare on it, but it is a pretty good representation of the true colors. They match the bedding we've picked out.. which, I suppose we'll reveal later. :)

And his ears must be burning today, since we've been focusing on and saying his name for a few hours now, because he's been kicking up a storm inside! I was laying down and we were actually watching the kicks on the outside of my tummy. :) It was wonderful.

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