Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bienvenido Septiembre!

Translation: Welcome September!!

Whew... it's been a long summer. But I guess we really have until..what? September 22nd until fall? Three more weeks of >95 degree weather. Three more weeks of sweating in the car until 5 minutes down the road, when it's cooled off. Three more weeks of ridiculous energy bills. Three more weeks of peeling off all your sticky clothes the minute you walk in the door, only to put on the lightest cotton shorts and tank--the bare minimum. Three more weeks of refreshing pool nights. Three more weeks of cook out parties. Oh Texas, you do provide wonderful summers...just why must they be so hot and humid? Fall will mean leaves changing colors. Apple cinnamon candles in every room of our house. Chili on the stove. Pumpkins on the table. Cardigans--OH, how I love cardigans. (I can't wait to wear cardigans over my cute, pregnant belly!) Boots with blue jeans. Football games. It is my very favorite time of the year. And it is upon us. :)

--Baby update--
We had our monthly check up today. (Has it been a month?! Actually no, our doctor was going to be unavailable next week, so it has been 3 weeks.) Our sweet boy is growing just perfectly. He has a wonderful strong heart beat that just melts my heart when I hear it. It is consistently beating 150 beats per minute, even when I check it, here at home. Since the beginning of pregnancy I have gained 8 pounds. Not bad, right? Since I'm 21 weeks this Friday... My blood pressure was at it's lowest today--100/62. I'm perfectly fine with a lower pressure at this point, I've never heard of low pressures causing pre-term labor. And our boy just has to stay inside until at least 36-37 weeks. He just has to! Working in a NICU is probably the worst place to work while being pregnant. Everyday I see sick, sick babies and I think to myself, "How in the world are healthy babies even born anymore?"  With all that can go wrong? Oh, the miracle of life. I asked my doctor where I'd be having the baby, since there is one wing of Labor and Delivery I'd prefer to not be on.. And she assured me I'd be on East. Wonderful news to me. The rooms are bigger, private, and you labor in the same room you deliver in. So, this was a nice, reassuring check-up. We go back next Tuesday for the repeat sonogram. I just can't wait to see our little boy! I'm sure he'll be so much bigger. More later.

Well, tonight is going to be our first evening back with our Foundation group leaders, Tyler and Lisa. They've been vacationing in Florida for three months, so we literally haven't even seen them. It's going to be great to catch up. And talk about our plans for the fall.

Off to bed! (Better late than never, I say!) When we wake up, it's cleaning and laundry day, for sure!     

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  1. you're post just made me evrn more xcited for fall!! can't wait.


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