Friday, September 10, 2010

Hormones make us think alike??

We finally got a chance to meet up with my cousins, Jordan and Roland. We moved further North and they moved further South... so, we're about 15 minutes from each other now! But they're both teachers and I work nights..blah, blah, blah... life gets in the way.

Anyways, perhaps you remember me saying that they are happily expecting their first baby, too. The day we met up, she was about 13.5 weeks and I was 21 weeks. It's so fun to compare pregnancies... we're a lot alike! She was never really sick and neither was I! It must be our Haddix genes. :)

We met up at Taco Diner for some wonderful tacos. Ooohh... I love me some tacos de brisket. After catching up and filling up, I said, "Well, we got you a little baby gift..." At the same time Jordan said, "We got you guys a little something for baby..." We laughed at the coincidence and I reached for our gift first (stashed, unwrapped in my purse). I handed over the little Dallas Cowboys onesie we'd gotten for their baby (we don't know if it's boy or girl yet...) with matching socks. They looked at each other and laughed. "You won't believe this..." Jordan said, and reached for the gift in her purse, also unwrapped. It was a set of three little Dallas Cowboys onesies!! How ironic! We got theirs in 12 month size, since their baby is due in March, after football season and they got us 0-3 month size. I just thought.. Wow.. This is so cool! Let's just hope the Cowboys make it to the Super Bowl this season, since it's being hosted at the Cowboys stadium.

Here is Jordan and Roland with the onesie we got them:

And here we are with the set they got us:

I'm pretty sure our little boy is going to be UBER cute in these. :) Especially when watching football with his daddy, uncle and Pop!

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