Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor Day Fun!

We planned a day to have a cookout with our Community Group... Labor Day!

It was an exciting plan, involving us, the Coles, the Allens and the Brannens. The Rays and Dunns were tied up with family gatherings.

Our afternoon started at the Brannens complex with pool time/sand volleyball. The boys played volleyball (it was HOT!) and Callie, Ashley and I took Maggie to the shaded pool area. I'm not sure how, but I left my camera upstairs in their apartment.. :( You know how I hate blogs without pictures.. :( Oh well, I retrieve it later.

We tried to dip Miss Maggie's toes in the water and she just screamed! She wasn't having it that day. It was great catching up, just us girls. Then Mags got hot, so we went into the apartment to wait for the boys to finish up. After they came in, we loaded up and went to the Cole's house, to start the cookout.

About 4 minutes after putting the bratwursts on the grill, the boys discovered the propane tank was empty. Tyler called the neighbors, but nobody had any, so he and Hector ran to the gas station. 
Back in business!

Ashley and Cory preparing the burger veggies.

Hector and Cory playing some Wii Frisbee Golf!

Maggie chews all the time!

Loves her toys :)

After our delicious brats and burgers (and after an emergent trip to get burger buns) we played some Cranium!

(Drawing with my eyes closed!)

HAHA! Tyler was the puppeteer, David the puppet.. He was acting out "Slow Motion"... which my hubby guessed :)

Coincidentally, Hector had to draw with his eyes closed too!

Overall, a very fun night! A nice break in between nights of work.

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