Thursday, June 5, 2014

Liam ~ 7 months old

Welllp... He's closer to 1 than a newborn now. :) I really wanted to put sad face there, but in reality I'm so glad he's growing and thriving and healthy. And that's a happy thing.

Growth.. probably 18 or so pounds now.. Big guy!  He wears 6-9 month clothes and can usually fit in some of Cohen's old 12 months sized things. (The things that shrank in the wash, 3 years ago)

Development.. He sits unassisted. Still no rolling! Just the half roll onto his side to sleep. Hector thinks he doesn't roll because we skimp on the tummy time.. because he HATES it, still. Ha! He grabs any toy he wants, reaches for everything. He likes to hold our hands when we clap in front of him, but he doesn't do it on his own yet. No waving. Hasn't said anything yet. Babbles, of course. Just waiting on that "mamamamama"! Loves to sit and play with toys and still loves his jumper! He is reaching for you now, when you go to pick him up!

Eating.. He's getting slightly better with solids! I've been able to give him some applesauce, and a few other fruit purees. Still hates the cereal. LOVES the puffs. Likes the yogurt melts, but they just get lodged on the roof of his mouth and make him mad. :) I'm still nursing him. (yay!!) I stopped with Cohen at 5 months, so I'm just thrilled to still be going strong. I know many can't, so I consider all of this breastfeeding a huge blessing. I have been making "lactation cookies" that I LOVE. They have several "active" ingredients that help with milk production... brewer's yeast, rolled oats, and flaxseed meal. They're great.. mayyyybe because I add chocolate chips. :) I usually have a couple cookies a day.

Sleep.. He takes an hour long nap in the morning.. then usually a two hour nap in the afternoon when Cohen naps. He naps in his crib now, Praise the Lord! We actually got rid of the swing because he's too chunky for it to swing. :) He goes to bed around 8-9pm. And will wake around 1-2am usually to eat. Then he sleeps with us, and nurses once or twice more. Ready for some full nights of sleep over here!! (Though, I still really love the snuggles!!)


Fingers and piggies!! Mushy goodness!

Into the hand.. next stop.. Mouth. Always.

That sweet baby face. 

"Hi mama! I love this chew necklace!"

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