Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A day at the museum!

For Memorial Day, since Hector got the day off, we went to the Perot Museum, here in Dallas. It was pretty cool. 90% of it was over Cohen's head, but he liked the Children's Museum area. So glad we went, though. Felt like true Dallasites, finally! ha!

Afterwards, we went to the Klyde Warren Park. Pretty neat place! It was on the brink of raining the entire time we were there, so we hurriedly selected a food truck to eat from (Abe's Flavor Flave..Mexican tacos..duh!) and got some Trailercakes cupcakes. A quick splash in the kid's area, and we got outta there! Both kids were getting fussy and tired.

Perhaps the only snake you'll ever see on my blog. Ever. I was gagging, it was so gross.

Checking out a giant tarantula! Ew!

Driving the farmer's market truck!

Shopping for produce!

Sliding down the big slide at the construction zone in downtown Dallas!

Sweet baby brother, just a-watching. :)

On a side note, Perot Museum... I saw signs for a designated nursing area, and Liam was hungry, so I asked the lady at the desk in the children's area where it was, and she pointed towards the bathroom and said, "it's there in the bathroom.. a private stall" I stared blankly at her, and said, "No thanks, I'll feed him over there on the bench." A brand new museum and the nursing area is a stall in the bathroom?? Come on. You could've done way better.

Learned that Cohen can "rock climb" :)

We went to the moon!

Big Dinosaurs!! Cohen was a little freaked by them.. He wasn't sure what bones meant.. 

Not even scared to stand by the edge! 

Saying he loved all the cars. Nice pic of downtown.

Feeling a tornado!

Not even real sure what this was, but the wood chips moved with your movements!

Liam liked the little splash pond at the museum!

Big bro, especially liked it! Got his whole outfit wet!

Once at Klyde Warren, we switched to swim attire.

Man, he looks big!

:) So happy!

He already wants to go back.

So, Klyde Warren is a really neat park. I'd love to go back when it's not threatening to rain. We were expecting 3 food trucks to choose from (per website) and there were at least 10! So cool. 

Both boys took terrific naps as soon as we got home!

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