Friday, May 16, 2014

These days.. in photos

Our little guy, sitting up.. playing with Cohen's old toys! Glad I'm a hoarder and didn't throw anything away!

That tongue. It's out all.the.time. And I love it.


Figuring things out.

Attempting some banana oatmeal.

Steps to making mama quit putting that spoon in my mouth.. 1. Avert the eyes.

2. Spit it all out.   3. Bang on tray until she removes it.
Mission accomplished.

Grilling some burgers!

Hector grilled some lamb chops (first timers!). They were med-rare to med. Not my fave.. and I wasn't crazy about the taste of the actual meat.. But Hector loved it and it fits with his blood type. But also.. it's real expensive. :-/

Soccer lessons with Daddy. I mean, can they be any more alike?? 

Mama and Liam, watching the soccer!

Are you KIDDING ME???? Cutest guys I've ever seen!!! 

So, so sweet! Practice makes perfect! ;)

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