Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Early birthday post...

Tomorrow.. is my 26th birthday. Or actually, 22 minutes from now. Most people start freakin' out as they near the 30 year mark. I still have 4 years.. but I'm embracing it! I just feel that with each passing year, I'll have that much more wisdom (hopefully), a closer walk with Jesus (a must!), and have made a better example of myself (ideally). The Lord blesses us with jobs, friends, housing, children... Why would I not look forward to more of His wonderful blessings? 30 is young, people!

Now, that's not to say there won't be hard times ahead. There undoubtedly will be. I'm not naive. But it's through trials that the Lord makes us stronger.

Ahh! OK. So today was part one of my birthday celebration.
This came in the mail! 
With this inside! From Natty and Ry! <3 p="p">
Natty knows my LOVE of Starbucks coffee. :)

Then we went to dinner with Josh, Cortney, Jesse & Reese, and my mom and dad.  Reese's birthday was a couple weeks ago, and Jesse and I share the 21st! Loved me some Mi Cocina!

Josh, Cortney and the girls gave me subscriptions to these two magazines.. thrilled!

And a Massage Envy gift card!!!!

And Mom and Dad got me this cookbook! The Pioneer Woman Cooks! I've been eyeing this one for a long time! Eeeek!

Coco and Daddy picked out this beautiful Papyrus card for me!

Coco signed it too, you see??!

These are my birthday present!

I've wanted them for so long!

So. Actual birthday is gonna have to try hard to beat this day. :) Bring on 26th Year!

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