Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School!

Yea, I know...
I don't have a school age child yet... but I have teacher-friends! And teacher-friends deserve back-to-school gifts, too, right?

I think so! My sweet friend Ashley is a 3rd Grade teacher and I wanted to help her get excited for this school year.

Ashley's classroom is decorated in black, red and white, with, polka dots! It's super cute. Any new, nervous 3rd grader would feel right at ease in her classroom.

I put together (what I think was) a really cute gift bag for Ashley. I chose items that I knew would make any girl (especially a teacher) excited. I color-coordinated these items with her classroom. Then I looked up her districts school supply list, and bought a few of those items, too. I put it all in a sweet, red canvas tote, that I clipped a black and white polka dotted bow/flower on.

*Pack of notecards
*Great Work rubber stamp & red ink pad
*Set of two desk notepads
*Map Pencils
*Washable Markers

*Giant red paper clips
*Insulated plastic cup
*Composition notebook
*#2 Pencils

There ya have it! Do you know a teacher who needs appreciatin'? That's a trick question. ;) Because if you know a teacher.. they need appreciatin'. 

Happy Back-to-School week, y'all!

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