Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Quite embarrassed..

I don't even have a good excuse for why I've let the blog go, untouched, for nearly 2 months.

So, I would most like to update you with some pictures I found on my camera. :)

Cohen got a wooden train set! ($10..Ikea) :)

My boys :)

(blinded by the flash) :(

Our community group girls got to go out for girls night, finally! 
I love these girls! (I've never seen a worse angle on me...)

Cohen really enjoys playing in his room these days. 

Is he half, or 100% Hispanic? This pic screams 100%.
(he's half.)

He loves to see how many toys he can cram into one area. He's quite good at it.

A boy and his toys. Melts my heart.

Sometimes when daddy works out, Cohen pretends he is too. It's rather sweet.

Child's pose. :)

A while back, our group ate dinner at Verona. It was ok, but the company was great.
Cory and Ashley!

Jackie and Patrick!

Me and Coco! (daddy was doing YoungLife business)

Sallie and Maggie! (Tyler was also doing YoungLife business)
Love this picture.

And I'll leave you with a fun one! hehe
Looking at his pony in the mirror.

Oh my goodness, I love these two!

Pheww. Ok. Better blogging.. starting.. now!

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