Monday, July 9, 2012

Catch-up: Father's Day!

Pardon the absence. :)

Father's Day for us was celebrated a couple days early because we traveled out of town for a wedding and friend-seeing, so Cohen went to Granna and Pop's. It was simple. It consisted of Coco giving Daddy his present in bed, in the morning. (I told you it was simple..)

A custom made card by Coco.

about the only non-blurry picture of Cohen...


It is a collage of photos of Cohen wearing his Daddy's shoes. The card was about how big of a responsibility and opportunity he has to fill Daddy's shoes someday. But he's up for it. :) It's very sweet. I had a fun day when I took Cohen for the "photo shoot" too. Every day's an adventure! 

These are the pictures from the collage and card. Photos taken by me.

My favorite, I think :)

I know some people think that Father's Day is about giving cell phones, blue-ray players, golf retreats, or the newest, coolest personal grooming tool. And that's fine. We, though, are at a stage in our life where money is short but memories and emotions are not. I wanted Hector to have something to remember this exact moment in Cohen's life. And now he has a beautiful set of photographs of his firstborn son filling his shoes. It's precious. If Hector had rather had an electronic or [insert any coveted material thing] he certainly hid it well and kissed his boy as if he'd just been given gold. I love that man so much. :) Thanks for being an outstanding father, Hector!

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  1. That is the cutest idea ever! So sweet and the pics are awesome!


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