Monday, July 9, 2012

A little of our vacay to the Smoky Mountains! part 2

One day, we went IN to the mountains. It smelled so fresh and natural. We stopped at this area on our way to Cade's Cove (one of the first settlements in the Smokies). 

hiking ;)

Daddy and Coco

Do babies still throw fits in the mountains? - you might be wondering.
Why, yes. Yes they do. ^^

My goofy boys!

Into Cade's Cove!

Most of my pics of Cade's Cove were on my iPhone.. and I haaaate uploading those pics. :(

Ready for a photo overload of America's largest home? The Biltmore!

Jesse and Reese doing a good job of keeping up with Coco!

My Mom!

Precious.. except he was dunking Lovey in that fountain... :-/

Granna and Pop!

Our little family! (Can you imagine living in there??)

Pops supervising another fountain visit. 

Trying to air out Lovey...

What the Vanderbilt's had to look at everyday... :(

Their garden.


I want to wear this for real. :)

check out part 3!

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