Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Liam's Big One! [a party]

I promised I'd get this party blogged.. it only took a week longer than expected ;)

I wanted to keep the decor to a minimum. I wanted a Balloon themed party. So, it was definitely lightly themed. :) But we had lots of people and lots of fun and love for our little bug. Couldn't be happier with our day!

So, this cake was a splurge, but it was exactly what I imagined for his special day! Thank you, Frost It Cafe!

And I made his DARLING smash cake :) I am quite proud of it! 

BBQ for all! So delicious. A HUGE thank you to Dickey's Bar-B-Q for our meats and Liam's Granna (My MOM!) for providing the sides! 

Even the gift packaging seemed to match. :) He was a happy, blessed boy!

My love bug's monthly Tonka pictures!
side note: How has it been a year?? :'(

Prepping for cake!

OH that face!! Love it!!

{Here was Cohen's smash cake experience!} {{Nearly 3 years ago!}}

I just can't. Thank you Lord, for these healthy, precious boys you've given us!

The hit gift of the party.. Uncle Josh gave Liam a ride-on pirate ship. All the kiddos played with it and were pretty much mesmerized by it. :)

That bum! He walked all over his party, so sweet!

Party guests! Squeezed in every nook and cranny!

McKensley and Liam! Our sweet friends.

So happy everyone could come!

Sara and Aimee! Love these friends of mine!

My mom and two of her three sisters. And cousin Alysse :) (missed her parents!)

Denise and Ellie! Cohen and Ellie have been friends since the womb! :)

My big guy! 

Why am I in here again, Mom????

Timidly poking at his cake..

Are you sure, Daddy?

Thank you, Amber, for cutting that cake! Couldn't have done it without you!

Kids, kids, everywhere! 

Thanks for the smile, Natty! :)

Miss Leslie!! 

Our sweet babysitter, Miss Jessica! Glad she could make it!

Only picture I got of Uncle Josh. Sorry brother!  

Opening some very fun presents!

The Little People Nativity! I've always wanted this! (for the boys, I mean.......) :)

Sweet buddy, Eli!

Blowing up balloons from the goody bags.

Coco loves balloons!

Granna and the birthday boy! 

Look at that hat! Adorable!

We had such a wonderful day with all of our friends and family! So thankful and appreciative to everyone who came out!

Liam, your first year has been an exciting whirlwind! You are so fun, so sweet. I think you are a Mama's boy, but you sure love your Dada! (as evidenced by you saying Dada way before and way more often than Mama!) Your bubba makes you laugh all the time and cares so deeply for you! You sure did complete our family and we can't imagine a day without you. Watching you grow and develop is such a blessing. And we pray you keep on growing and changing. We pray for your health and happiness. We pray you will come to know the Lord at a very early age, and that Jesus will be the center of your life. Thank you for a beautiful year! 

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