Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Liam ~ 11 months old

This big guy is 11 months old! I don't understand how he can be turning one next month! 

(This post is a little late.. the picture was on time!)

He is not walking yet, just pulling up and trying to cruise along furniture. Crawls very fast. He will sometimes let go of what he's holding on to, and teeter there for a minute, but then fall. I love it. :)

He is not very interested in purified baby food anymore... He mostly just wants little pieces of whatever we're having. Loves little bites of Chick-Fil-A nuggets. (Smart boy!) We are still nursing! One more month, and I'll have made my goal of 1 Year of Breastfeeding! I think it was all about determination. I can definitely feel my body tiring of breastfeeding... I feel like I am really struggling to make anywhere near enough milk for him. He gets quite a few formula bottles when I work on the weekends. But when I'm off, I can feed him enough. Oh well, we start introducing whole milk next month anyways. He loves minion Teddy Grahams, and chocolate teddy Grahams! 

He got two more teeth! Not where you might imagine.. hehe! They are on the top, on the immediate right and left of his two middle teeth! Kinda vampire-ish. So he has a total of 4 now. 

He's still a twice-a-day napper and he is nearly sleeping all night! He still wakes up one time to nurse. This feed is his best feed because he's basically asleep and not distracted. 

No words yet, just occasional Da-da and na-na.

The face I see 99% of the time--his sweet little grin!

Loves the little octopus, just like Cohen did.

And very interested in taking the camera into his own hands!

One, next month! How can it be?? We love you so much, William Emile! 

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