Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Liam ~ One Year Old


This little stinker bug! 

I can't get over the cutest baby boy ever. We basically can't have any more kids, because none stand a chance with his cuteness. ;)

This is his concerned face. 

On his actual birthday, he was walking a lot more. Long stretches, 5, 6 feet! He loves it and is so, so proud of himself when he does it. He also started clapping on his actual birthday. It's adorable. 

I know you're tired of hearing about it, but WE MADE IT to 1 YEAR OF BREASTFEEDING!!! Was it easy?? NO. Would I do it again? Absolutely. I got so much extra bonding time with just me and my little boy, we rarely had to buy formula, he got all the added nutrients that come with extended breastfeeding.. I'm just pleased as pudding to have made it. I know this is the beginning of the end, though. I've been only pumping once or twice at work. He still nurses several times a day when I'm home. And then he'll eat the one time at night. But, I'm pumping SO much less milk. And it takes him about 5 minutes to nurse, both sides. :) So, I know we're running low. And I'm ok with it. My goal was one year and we made it. I'm a little sad at times, knowing it's coming to an end, and knowing he's most likely our last baby. But it was a good run. 

He's saying Da-da, intentionally to Hector now. :) He will sometimes say Mama, not often at all. And he says Nananana when he's hungry. Call me crazy, but that's what he means. 

He loves to play with brother. He will lightly wrestle with Cohen and Daddy every night. He follows Cohen everywhere. Tries to take his toys. :) I'm sure it's only a matter of time before this is not so cute anymore.

Same 4 teeth. Likes to playfully bite... :-/ again, probably not so cute later. 

Still does his award-winning pout when he gets told "no". It's pretty funny/sad/cute. 

Oh, my joyful baby!!

Coco had to have a picture too! He made sure to point out that those were his letters, after all. :)

The similarities! The differences! It's astounding to me! 
I'm sure I'll do this again, when I blog Liam's birthday party tomorrow. :)

A year with Liam, in the books! My boys are my prides and joys. I'm so thankful to have these digital memories of them. 

Happy First Birthday, Liam! 

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