Friday, April 4, 2014

Liam ~ 5 months old

Our sweet bug is 5 months old! I got his picture taken within a week of the 28th, too! #secondchildproblems

What a sweet baby our Liam is becoming. This photo is a great picture of a day in the life of him. Happy-go-lucky. That tongue is always hanging out. 

Let's see. 

Eating: he is eating all breast milk still. Very proud of that. We have attempted some oatmeal with him.. and he acts all interested.. but then ends up spitting it all out. Then he's all hawk-eyes while we're eating dinner. Just not ready, I guess. 

Sleeping: he wakes several times a night still. He goes to sleep in either his crib or his swing. Then after about 3-4 hours he'll wake, wanting to eat. Then he sleeps in our bed the rest of the night. All perhaps very bad practices, if we ever want to get him to sleep all night by himself. But I can't stand the thought of him sleeping all alone. Isn't that crazy?? Most parents race to that finish line, of a full night's uninterrupted sleep. But I just have these very sinking feelings that he is my last baby, and I can't let him grow up too fast. :( He'll sleep all night eventually, why can't I let him snuggle with me in the mean time?? :) I'm sure this is against all AAP recommendations, but right up the attachment parent's alley. 

Developing: he's still in the babbling phase. "mmmmummmummm" (I think he means "mama") ;), "aaaaaaaa", "oooooooo". So sweet. He laughs, laughs, laughs when you tickle him and play with him. He loves his doorway jumper, like.. LOVES it. He loves his exersaucer, not his jumperoo, yet though. He still likes to lay under his play gym/mat thing, and reach for the toys. He can grab toys that he wants, and pass them from hand to hand, and of course mouth! Everything in the mouth! He has recently (like two days ago) started sitting up on his own! It's a very unsteady, hunched over position.. but it counts! He reaches his feet from sitting, or from laying and loves holding on to those. He's still not rolling, though. He will sometimes roll from back to side. But no mas. 

Brace yourselves... picture overload!

Liam and Daddy

Liam and Granna (and Sophie!)

Exersaucer, I told you!

Still hates the tummy time.

His cockatoo hair!

Me and the boy, in a rare photo together :)

got the ol' 50mm out :)

Those thighs.. that bum.. this boy <3 p="">

Boy loves being outside. :) Stares and stares at the trees.

Little brother got a piece of the pie.. his big brother's train set.

It's been a good month. Next Liam update.. he'll be half a year old! :)

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