Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Liam ~ 4 months old

Just a quick update on my little bug! He's so great now. :) Colic is gone, but I swear the day after the colic stopped.. he started teething! He drools almost constantly! (see his shirt?!?) The good news is, today is Day 1 with his hazel wood and amber teething necklace. Hoping to see relief soon with it! 

(this pic is a little late!)

I wish I had more time to blog right now, but we just moved (yay!) into our new house and it is positively crazy here! 

At his appointment he weighed 15 pounds 12 oz. I'm pretty sure. I'll have to verify that on his info sheet.. ;) it's in this mess, somewhere. Anyways, he's SOLID! 

His hair is crazy as ever. It won't lay down. I try after bath time, but it just starts lifting on it's own and looks even more crazy. 

He still just gets breast milk, unless we run out of pumped milk when I'm at work. Our pedi said he could have oatmeal now.. he seems verrrrry interested in eating, watches us like a hawk when we eat.

He laughs all the time, talks to us a lot. He likes his exersaucer and his play mat right now. We just discovered he likes being outside, looking at trees. :) He always smiles big at his big brother Cohen. 

We sure are blessed with these sweet boys. Love them both to the moon and back! More later, I promise!

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