Friday, February 7, 2014

Snow day!

There have been quite a few days this winter where snow has been predicted.. But we've only gotten ice (Icemageddon, anyone? Ice-apocalypse?), sleet, frigid temps and..freezing fog?? Yea, we've had all that. So, my hopes were low when I heard we could get snow today. I wanted Cohen to get to play in snow this year..

I woke up at 8 to SNOW! Falling steadily to the ground! Cohen loved watching it out the window. Then he said, "Mom! Maybe we can get a jacket, and pants, and shoes, and gloves and go outside and touch the ice! and eat it!" No idea where the "eat it" came from.. And he kept calling it ice, even after I told him, "no.. finally it's snow!"

My little snow babies! This was Liam's first experience with snow, he did not love it. :)

This guy, though, he loved it.

He ended up crying because the cold was stinging his hands. Hey. We never get snow, we don't really buy toddler gloves. :-/

That face! My love. :)

Very fun. The snow's gone now, but I'm so glad he got to play in it.. twice. :) And it's still 20 degrees outside! Cooold!

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