Thursday, February 6, 2014

Liam ~ 3 months old

Look at that angel baby! 3 months old already. He's turning in to a real sweetie pie. :)

I didn't weigh him at 3 months.. I know.. slacking. But, I bet he was 14 pounds. He has his 4 month visit in a couple weeks, we'll see then. He has great head control. He hates tummy time still..  He's made no efforts to rolling tummy to back. He doesn't really reach for any toys yet, but I'll put something in his hand and he'll assume a death-grip on it. He will grab my fingers and bring them to his mouth. He still eats 98% breastmilk. :) So proud. It was so hard with Cohen, so I'm just thrilled it's working a little easier this time. I did go back to work, so I have been pumping, for him to have my milk from the bottle when he's at home without me. Because also, this kid is not a fan of formula. I recently bought Similac for Supplementation, and he just won't hardly drink it at all. He was at least taking the occasional bottle of Enfamil.. so I may end up going back to that, for when (if) he runs out of pumped milk in a day.  I digress. He mostly gets breastmilk. 

His Colic. Is subsiding. :) I am one happy, relieved, thankful mama! He does not cry for hours on end in the evenings anymore. It really started getting better right around the 3 month mark, just like the books and articles said it would. Thank God. We needed the break. He needed the break. I am here to say, no products worked for him. Only sweet time helped him, as much as I wanted to believe gripe waters and drops and gas meds would help him. I think as mamas, we just have to know that we have exhausted every avenue.

Sleep... He still wakes once or twice at night to eat. Though, there have been 3 or 4 nights that he has slept between 6-8 hours in a row. Like last night, 8 hours in his swing! (He doesn't have his own room right now, therefore no crib set up yet...) Naps are pretty sporadic when I'm home.. Simply because he nurses when he wants, plays a little, fusses, dozes off, rinse, repeat. When someone is keeping the boys, he will wake, have bottle, play for a bit, and nap for an hour or two. I rarely get hour+ naps. 

He smiles and laughs everyday. :) He is ticklish on his little tummy rolls. He likes to be talked to, and I started singing him Soft Kitty (from Big Bang) and he just laughs! So cute. We introduced him to his Lovey, and he loves to bring it to his mouth and chew and slobber all over it. He likes sitting in the Bumbo chair for a while (but then he'll try to buck out of it!). We got out Cohen's old door jumper, and this baby loves it! He will just bounce and bounce! He likes to lay under his play gym...doesn't really reach for the animals yet, but likes looking. And he likes exersaucers, but we don't have one. He's played in a few of his friends'.


And you know big brother has to join in... :)

Fun at Granna's house


Animals and play gym.

Mama found a carry that he liked in the K'tan!

And door jumper fun!! Check out that grin!!

We're just loving this precious baby, with his smiles and giggles. Can't wait to watch him grow!!

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