Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My big 2 year old!

Our "little" guy turned two just over a month ago! We had a fun little Texas Ranger's Baseball party for him. It was much more scaled down than first birthday, but that's ok. We were about to be moving and didn't want anything that cost a crazy amount. And our apartment isn't the biggest place!

The Concession Stand! 


His Cake (I made it and Mom helped me frost it!)

Found these at Party City!

Everybody signed the baseball--What a great memory! 

Cousin Alysse got to come! 

This little boy snuck up and ate more cake after his guests had left!

One of his favorite gifts from us was his first Thomas and Friends track set! He loves it!

It was such a wonderful night. We served hot dogs and chips. We had all the concession stand goodies: popcorn, Cracker Jacks, Baby Ruth's, Snickers, Reese's, and Big League Chew!! I made some little yogurt and fruit parfaits for a healthier option, then of course there was cake. :) Our little birthday boy was so happy! We're so thankful for everyone who came over--The Allen's, The Cole's, The Ray's, The Buxton's, Uncle Josh, Roland&Jordan&Alysse, and of course Granna and Pop!! 

Cohen at 2 
Favorite snack: Gummies
Favorite drink: mama's "Peppers" (Dr. Pepper) (He doesn't get much, and not often!!)
Favorite toy: cars!
Favorite movie: Cars!
Favorite tv show: Caillou or Thomas and Friends
Weight: 25#9.5oz
Height: 32.5 inches (2 feet, 8.5 inches)

He's such a sweet, sweet boy. He is getting head strong now, though. Learned to say, "No!" "Mine!" "I don't want it!" But he also will grab the car keys, come up to us, pucker his lips and say "Kiss, kiss" and then walk to the door and say "See ya later! Be careful!" He loves to watch the show, Caillou. He asks for it by pointing at the TV and saying "Caillou?? Wosie?? Gibbert??"Which of course is Caillou, Rosie (his sister) and Gilbert (their cat). I think it's precious even though I don't love the show. He's a great kid. Makes us laugh and smile everyday. We love Coco!!!

Also, a special shout out to Jackie and Patrick who came to Cohen's party.. She was 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant.. and she went into labor that night, after the party! Wow! So Little Colton Ray was born the next day, sharing birthday with sweet Cohen! Such a great day! 

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