Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Our Merry Little Christmas

Welp, it's 2013! Crazy, right? I thought before I delved into my brain, to decide how/when to blog this year, I'd at least show you our Christmas.

It was a sweet, family Christmas with just the three of us. Christmas Eve and morning, anyways.. We travelled to my parents' on Christmas afternoon.

Cohen kinda got it this year. He would say "May Kitmus" (Merry Christmas) and "Kitmus tree!" and "Santa." Even after Santa stopped visiting the mall, Cohen still recognized his elaborate armchair and said "Santa?"

In keeping with our gifting decision, we bought Cohen 4 gifts. Something he wants, something he needs, something to wear, something to read. Then Santa brought him a few gifts. Presents this year were so fun, he enjoyed it a lot.

Something to wear -- new shoes!

Something to read -- The Lorax! One of his favorite movies.

Something you want -- an easel! He always wants to get his crayons out, now he has a place!

Something you need -- Coco complains every time the sun hits his eyes. Problem is, we're having a hard time getting him to wear them!

We sat out the Sprinkles cupcakes for Santa Clause again! I hear he loves them!

Santa left Cohen the Little People Talk and Play Zoo with lots of animals AND a remote control car!!

Sweet boy saw that car first thing and said "Awe-tum!" (Awesome)
It was very hard to get him to focus on anything other than this car all morning. 

He looked at the animals for 5 seconds.

Opening his shoes. He loves them!

My sweet Christmas boy!

Remember him last Christmas?

Wow! He's grown so much in one year! I don't like how fast time is going, but each new phase for him is precious, interesting and different. 

Then, of course, we went on to have a WHITE CHRISTMAS, in Paris, Tx. It was perfect. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! See you soon!

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