Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cooking at Home

Since moving, it's been all too easy for us to just go grab food for dinner. Not only does this get expensive.. it's not good for us. :( Feeling bloated and yucky is not worth the simplicity. Sorry Pei Wei, Whataburger, Chick-fil-a, Burger King, Jet's Pizza..  you won't be seeing us so often. I made a conscious effort to make a plan and a list of grocery items for three make-at-home meals this week. I didn't want to get to ambitious on our first week of eating at home. :) Hoping to work up to like 6 meals a week at home.

I went to Pinterest for all three of these.

Tuesday night we tried Dr. Pepper Chili.

(her chili!)

My chili! I only omitted the onion (don't judge me!). And, I accidentally grabbed a can of adobo sauce with NO chipotles in it. :( So, I just used three Tablespoons of adobo sauce instead of 1 T and 2 chipotles. Still good. This Chili was so tasty! Very tomatoey, and the Dr. Pepper made it perfectly sweet! Glad there were leftovers! 

(That's her photo, not mine!!)

I was not crazy about this, unfortunately. I left out the onions. Hector said this is why it lacked flavor. The sauce needed more salt, for sure. And, on the recipe, she doesn't specify how many rotisserie chickens to use, I used one, and was lacking about 3/4 of the chicken necessary. :-/ I don't think I let mine cook long enough.. because the tortillas came out kinda gummy... ya know? Or maybe it was because Hector poured WAY too much of the avocado sauce on top before baking, that they never stood a chance. Regardless, don't think I'll be making these again. A lot of steps for bland, gummy enchiladas. (TO ME.) If I followed her recipe more closely, I'm sure they'd be ok. 

And tonight, we're having this. Sweet and Spicy Chicken.

(Her pic)

Can't wait for this one. I'm a meat and potato girl at heart! 

Yay for eating at home three nights in a row!

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