Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Toddler Learning Activity

I really, really strive to teach Cohen at home. On a good week, I'm here with him 4 out of 7 days.

I talk to him (His Daddy is awesome at all of this too, but I'm writing this from MY POV today!) constantly, telling him what we're doing, asking him what he'd like, how he is feeling, what he thinks. Now, granted, he's got the limited vocabulary of a 21 month old boy right now. But, he's catching on quick! I swear, everyday he repeats something different that I say, and I'm like, "Did he just say...?" Got to, got to, got to be more careful what I say around him. And his memory is amazing, too! This kid rushes over when I'm emptying the dishwasher and he helps me! He takes out the cutting board and puts it in the correct cabinet, he grabs a bunch of Tupperware and puts it on the bottom shelf in the pantry (right where it goes!) and he loves to hand me forks and spoons from the basket. When I'm transferring laundry from the washer to the dryer, I can't leave out the step where I hand it to him first and then he tosses it in the dryer. He's so, so helpful (even if it makes chores last a little longer)!

I buy little school books like a mad person. He can't even hold a pencil to paper (different story, if there's a wall involved...) yet I buy alphabet books, President books, animal books, etc. I mean workbooks. That require him to follow some sort of instruction. Well, anyways. He's going to be one smart little boy, if I can get through all these books with him, eventually. I mean, he's already very smart.. but you know what I mean. 

I am committing to doing more toddler appropriate activities with him, since we're at home a lot, and the poor kid gets bored sometimes.

I wish I could take credit for this activity, but I saw my friend Amber B. doing this with her son, Eli. And it seemed perfect! Our boys are 2 months apart. (E is younger than Coco)

I tore out two sheets of large construction paper, blue and green. Then I rounded up toys from his room... that were green or blue. Just small ones, that he can handle easily.

Then I put him in his highchair without the tray and scooted him up to the table.

I also wrote the names of the colors on the paper. Sight association, right?

The I put all the fun blue and green toys in front of him.

I showed him the first few and then he started! He clapped every time we cheered. :)

Placing his little green "bandage" on the green sheet!

A green block!

All done!

I definitely helped him a lot this first time. But, I bagged up the toys in Ziploc baggies and we'll have another go at it tomorrow! He had fun and seemed proud of himself for getting them right. He kept saying "Booo!" "Geeen!" Then, throughout the rest of the day, I continued to point out blue and green items. 

What are some fun, easy toddler learning activities you do with your kiddos? Feel free to do this one with yours! (and again, I did not think this up!) 

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