Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter ONEderland Party-Goers!

Cohen's first birthday party was such a success. Almost all of our friends and family came out to help us celebrate it. We didn't even get pictures of everyone who was there, sadly! (Not to say photog slacked.. there were LOTS of people!!) :) Leslie Pate did a wonderful job capturing all the precious moments of the party and all the details (refer to this post to see them). Leslie is my nursing school classmate, turned friend, turned co-worker, turned photographer, remained friend. What a blessing she is and we're so lucky to get to share in her talent and love of photography! Thanks, Leslie!!

Can I also take a second to thank the Rays?? We held Cohen's party at their home, because, let's face it... small apartments weren't made for first birthday bashes. They graciously opened their home to us and our son and like 40 of our closest friends and relatives. Not to mention the half dozen or so nights I was there preparing for the party! Jackie and Patrick.. we owe you. Big. :) And we love you. Like a lot.

Another thank you: Amber, thanks for getting those gorgeous cake here all the way from Oklahoma! Even if you didn't actually ice them, you used your resources and had Sherri Lee Satterlee make them! And boy... were they my dream cakes! I've considered blindly requesting her friendship on facebook just to say thanks and show her how fabulous they looked on the dessert table and in pictures. Please send her this link! Thank you Sherri! Those cakes were the bomb and I got so many compliments on them!

And my community group girlies, thank you so much for offering up your time and helping me decorate and make favors and treats. You really are my best friends. Cohen is so blessed to have each of you in his life! (me too!!!) Love you Jackie, Ashley and Sallie!

OK! Picture time!

that's Alysse right next to him! missed any others of sweet baby cousin :(
maybe my Mom got some

the face of an angel right there...

My angel, Coco

LOVE this shirt, Natty and Ry!

loves his changuito (monkey) from Uncle Josh

Coco and his beautiful Granna!

Mallory and Deanna

More interested in the straw than the milk

ready for cake!

"put it here Mama!!"

slow at first

little help from Mama

making sure Daddy's watching

a fork to get some cake

and to think.. he doesn't really like being messy!

he got tired...

then got a second wind!

Look at that bum!!! i.die. :)

Amber and David's precious boy, Eli!

isn't he a doll??

Miss Maggie! Took her a while to warm up with her Mama not there, but she did!

Cohen playing with Mark and Mindy

Aunt Peggy and cousin Chris with Pops

Giving Carolina hugs!


moving in on Ellie

she's nervously giggling!


sweet babes :)

Ellie and her daddy, Steve

enjoying some chocolate milk!

Our community group! minus Sallie :(

Granna, Cohen, Josh, Me, Hector, Pops

Us 3 :)

And lastly, you know you have a good photographer when she can catch a picture of my Dad--smiling like this. :) A Proud Pops right there.

So, yea. He's one now! Because of all these happenings, I haven't done his 12 month update. That's on the agenda for tomorrow. 

Well, sweet readers, I have to go to bed now.. please comment and tell me what you think of my first ever big party... I had so much fun doing it! Thanks for checking out my blog!


  1. Emily! You did an AMAZING job! On everything! I had to scroll up and down the post several times just to look at it again! I know it was a lot a of hard work and it paid off! Love all of your details!

  2. Reading this made me want to cry!! We miss you guys so much!!! I wish we could have been at sweet cohen's birthday!!! You are quite the party planner! We love you guys lots!!! Xoxo --britt


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