Thursday, January 26, 2012


On Facebook last weekend, I saw that hipgreenbaby was having a huge sale. I popped over there and found something we'd been looking for. A nighttime diaper!

Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetter diaper! Now we can stuff and stuff and stuff Cohen's nighttime diaper to where it won't leak at night.. but then he can't close his little leggies. And baby boy pees a lot at night!! Like, he saves it up during the day and just let's it go at night. So, I was very excited to find these for very cheap. I ordered two to try.

Well, two days ago, this was in the mail!

Each diaper has 2 microfiber inserts and is lined with super soft micro fleece. 

Here it is on Coco.

Hard to get a picture of him standing still..

See? (yes, those toys are always out like that...)

Nice and fluffy for bedtime! 

Baby boy woke up this morning with NO leaks! The outer, waterproof layer is a little slicker.. feels a tad bit cheaper than, say, bumGenius fabric. But at less than half the price of BG's.. I think we found a nice nighttime solution. And cute patterns too!

Happy baby, Happy mama!

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