Thursday, January 26, 2012

Quadruple Date

Last week we went on a quadruple date with the other couples in our community group. The guys planned it and the girl's were surprised. Our only instructions? Wear workout clothes and a sport's bra. Uhhh...? Color me nervous. I'm not very sporty. I was afraid we were heading to some blackout game of softball or something.

But, have faith in your husbands, ladies! At least ours...

They took us to JUMPSTREET! It was SO fun!

It's a huge place, filled with TRAMPOLINES and other large, fun activities.

They have a mechanical bull!
PK lasted about 30 seconds! Or something crazy that no one achieved after him..

Cory crashed..claimed it was "slippery"

Hector talks a big game..

...but wound up there..^

Tyler looked like a pro..for about 3 seconds.

Sallie even tried! (the only girl who tried..), it happens to everyone.

See? Wall-to-wall trampolines! 
Hector the dwarf, and Tyler doing a crazy flip!

Go Patrick, go Patrick, GO!

They had a FOAM PIT!
PK swung in!

I slid in!

And proceeded to get quite stuck.

It's harder than it looks, ok?

Pretty sure that's Cory buried in there..

Ashley got brave and did the swing.

So did Hector!

He went pretty far down!

Sallie launched off the trampoline!

Jackie slid!

Tyler swung! (notice Jackie's head there?) :)

And Cory couldn't resist one more time!

This was a GIANT slide, that you go down in an inner tube. It was SCARY! I just knew I'd fall out of the tube.. But, here I sit telling the story.. I didn't fall out. :)
There's Ashley!

And Cory.. the only clear picture I could get... :(

And there was a set of wavy trampolines! You could get to going FAST if you ran down these!

We took a video of our entire group running across these, and Watermark wants it to promote community. YAY! We do have fun. 

There was also dodgeball, on trampolines, of course. We played, but it's hard to dodge and take pictures at the same time. 

What a FUN night! And we topped it off with dinner at Raising Cain's. YUM! I totally recommend this place if you're in the Plano/Frisco area. 

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