Friday, December 30, 2011

Wrapping up Christmas

Please excuse the lateness on this post.. I wanted to show you the rest of our Christmas celebrations. I work around the clock now and haven't had time.

Here is our "Christmas morning" at my parent's house, from December 23rd.

Watching Toy Story 3 with daddy, waiting for everyone else to wake up!!

A little scared of the train Santa left, but interested..

Sorting shapes with one of his new toys!

More than he knows what to do with!

Josh and Cortney opening up presents!

Granna and Coco, he was getting sleepy! Not used to getting up so early!!

Cohen with Great Grandmother Ivy. She comes for Christmas morning every year!

Checking out Daddy's new helicopter with Uncle Josh!

Then we had yummy casseroles for breakfast. The rest of the day was lounging, napping, and playing with new gifts/toys. :) Hector and I went back to Plano that evening. We left Cohen with Granna and Pop, his first sleepover EVER. My first night away from him EVER. I bawled like a baby for the 20 minutes we were loading up the car and for the first 30 minutes of our car ride. I hated leaving him. 

But he did fine. We Face Timed with him every evening (he stayed two nights) and then Granna and Pop brought him back to us on Christmas day. Boy, was I glad to see that little face light up when I got home from work that day! And boy, was it SO hard to go to work AGAIN the next day. I missed him so much. Next sleepover is not for at least 6 months. Mama has to recuperate. 

So, we had our "Christmas Eve" on the 26th, when I got home from work.

Opening his Christmas Eve present from mama and daddy. 

He's working pretty hard!

Got a big piece off!

Where is it??

He got a piece of tape stuck to his finger and thought it was funny that it wouldn't come off.

Christmas pj's!!

Trying to fly daddy's helicopter.

Then we set out the Santa snacks!
Yea, Santa gets two Sprinkles cupcakes in our house. 

As if Cohen knew it was "Christmas" he woke up at 8, instead of 10!

Guess he took one back to the sleigh with him?? :)

Trying out his new drum!

The thermometer for his "care for me" teddy bear.

Fun with bows!

"Uhh-Ohhhh" his first and favorite 'word'

Unwrapping his "want" from mama and daddy, Woody!

He likes Woody's hands for some reason.

Santa filled our stocking with goodies! 
An alien straw-cup from Toy Story, two new paci's, new socks and a Buzz Lightyear cell phone for Cohen!
Scarf and two Florence and the Machines cd's for Hector.
Starbucks gift card, address book and calendar for me!

So, Cohen's gifts this year: Something he wanted (Woody and Buzz figures), Something he needed (kinda hard, but a baby proof case to put our iPhone in for him to play with whilst protecting it from drool and him), Something to wear (his Christmas pj's) and Something to read (a new book, not pictured). Then of course, Santa brought a few things and filled his stocking. 

Hector gave me a limited edition HP and the Sorcerer's Stone book (!!!) and my very first pair of Tom's! I gave him his very first pair of Tom's! We're so happy. 

We are also so blessed this Christmas Season. JP said at church last week, "Don't let God's presents distract you from His presence." Gen.ius.  We are so thankful that Jesus came to earth as an innocent baby some 2,000 years ago, walked among humans for 30 years and then died on the Cross to save us all from our own selfish sins. Can't wait to spend eternity with Him!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope it was wonderful! Have a safe and happy New Year!


  1. He's getting so big! Hope it was a Merry Christmas Miranda family - miss you guys SO SO SO much!
    Oh - and Happy New Year!


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