Wednesday, December 14, 2011

11 Months, so soon??

Well, Cohen is eleven months old now! Yesterday to be exact. Can you believe it? I can't.

I've been putting things together for his birthday party and it's making me all nostalgic and stuff. I see the pictures of his itty bitty 8 pound, 12.4 ounce self, snuggled up on Daddy's chest and I get teary eyed. How were we so blessed to get this amazing bundle of joy? He really is a joy, too. I can't count the number of people who ask me, "Is he always this happy??" And yes, yes he is, I tell them. Unless you catch him from 9 pm to 3 am. I joke, I joke. Or do I?

Here is Cohen's winning 11 Month Tonka truck picture!

(he would not sit facing the front long enough for a picture.)
(also, see that adorable fuzzy diaper sticking out? yea, that's our itti bitti tutto minky diaper; LOVE IT!)

Growth: BIG. We'll get ya some real measurements next month, as he'll go to the pediatrician for his ONE YEAR checkup. Pretty sure he's a 22 pounder, though. He wears 12-18 month pants and 9-12 month shirts. 

Eating: He gets 6 ounce bottles of formula 3-4 times a day. He drinks half-strength apple/carrot juice a lot (50 mL of juice + 50 mL of water mixed together). He also drinks water a lot. He has conquered the straw, so he has had a capri sun and a juice box. :) He likes to try our Dr. Pepper and Lemonade too, when we go out somewhere. Just because he loves straws. He eats just about what we eat, I just tear up pieces for him or give him little fork/spoonfuls. He loves chicken. (Yay!) And rice! Especially from Pei-Wei. He's just like his Daddy. 

Sleeping: He is so fickle. He's unpredictable and horribly inconsistent. (Sorry, buddy.) He'll usually go down for bed at 9 pm, no problem. But then, he'll wake up 1.5 to 3 hours later crying  screaming in his crib. He wants out. We've made the mistake of getting him out a few times, and now he expects it. I'm the weak one, I can't stand to hear him screaming like that, so I cave and go get him. Hubby says NO MORE. And we haven't. I'll go in and give him his paci once. And we'll think he's quit crying but it's just that he's crying so hard he is holding his breath (you know that cry, right?). Ugghhhh. It has to be near the end of all that mess right? We have YET to get a full night's sleep with that child. Nap time, however, is a different story! Boy likes his naps! (Or maybe he's just so deprived from crying for hours the night before.......) He takes a nap in the morning that lasts about one hour (or 2.5 today... he cried a lot last night) and then another one in the afternoon that lasts about one to two hours. Mama loves nap time. Sometimes she takes naps too. :)

Teeth: We have two teeth! The middle two on the bottom. They look so sweet and he likes to touch them and use them. I could never get a picture of them, because he hides them! I know, I know... eleven months and only two teeth? He's a late bloomer! Give him a break. He doesn't seem to be teething right now, but I'm sure there are more around the corner. 

Development: This kid has taken steps! He took a whole bunch on Thanksgiving. Some days he'll go the whole day without taking any, he'll just crawl and cruise. Others, he's all about getting adventurous and taking steps. It's precious and he gets very excited when he does take steps, probably because we're clapping like seals when he does it. He's trying to crawl up on the couch. Like, hiking one knee up and not being able to push the rest of the way. He loves his lovey, and brings it out of the crib with him when he wakes up in the morning or from naps, it's so cute. Let's see.. He tries to undecorate our Christmas tree... he pulls at the bows and ribbon on gifts. He has started taking drinks of water and letting the water drip.. no, gush out of his mouth, rather than swallowing it. Must feel cool. And the fact that Mama laughs every time probably doesn't help discourage him.

The other pics?
sitting still, but dark

that's lovey!!

just overturned the Tonka truck

TEETH!! You see them?

Oh, little Cohen. We love you so much. It has been the best 11 months of our lives so far! Thank you for bringing so much happiness to us and everyone you meet!


  1. Oh my goodness! He really is just SO adorable! Can't believe he's almost 1!


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