Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lucky number 7

Somehow or another, over half a year has gone by since my teeny, tiny baby boy was born. Yes, friends, my 8 pound 12.4 ounce, sleepy newborn is now a chubby, funny, very active 7 month old!

When we started the Tonka pictures, Cohen couldn't even sit up (obviously..he was one month old!).
(we just slipped our hand out of this picture for a split second to snap the shot) All eyes on daddy!

7 Months
And now he wants to play with the truck. :) Such a little boy.
And this is his camera smile. Scrunched up nose and all. 

Some of our other attempts:

And, quite possibly the most precious face you'll ever see?

Eating: I won't bore you with this.. as it's detailed in my "Adventures of baby food making" blogs. So, solids plus formula. He gets a 6 ounce bottle 4-5 times a day (depending on when he wakes, how much solid food he eats, when he goes to sleep, etc).

Sleeping: He is finally sleeping all night. He usually goes to bed around 9 pm. I love this time, because I always get to put him to bed. Occasionally he will wake around 4-5 and cry until he gets a bottle, then go back to bed. Otherwise, he sleeps until 8 o'clock when I'm home, or 9-10 when it's just him and Hector. (??) Now, sometimes we have that "off" night.. and he'll stay up until midnight... those nights/following days are rough. His naps are amazing, when they're done properly. He will take a 2 hour nap in the morning, then an hour-hour and half nap in the afternoon. :) He sometimes gets tired around 5, but if Hector lets him nap, for even 30 minutes, those are often the "off" nights. 

Development: Into everything! He isn't crawling yet, but he still rolls to get where he wants to go. He sits up for long periods of time. He loves to push buttons.. literally! He gets the remote, the laptop, our phones, Hector's x-box remotes, and his musical/sound toys and pushes all the buttons, over and over again. He takes baths in our tub now! He sits in there all by himself (one of us is always right by the tub) and plays with all of our bath time toys! 

Growth: Big! We forgot to step on the scale with him this month. :( But, I assure you, he's growing up nice and big. 

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  1. He brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart!
    Love, love, love!


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