Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Adventures in baby food making: Pears and Potatoes and Bananas!

We added pears a couple days after the apple fiasco. Compared to the apples, Cohen loved the pears!

Aren't they gorgeous??

Thanks to a tip, I steamed these first and the skins pretty much peeled right off. Steamed in microwave for about 25 minutes.

Puree in food processor, this time, I added all the steaming water--perfect amount.

Into the freezer!

Mmm Mmm Pears!

Three or so days after the pears, we introduced potatoes! Regular ol' russet potatoes. I figured he would like these because I'd given him a little shred of my baked potato one night and he'd gobbled it right up and opened that mouth for more!

Peeled and cleaned, three medium sized potatoes.

Into the pot, to boil for about 15-20 minutes.

MASH 'em up!

I added a little less than a tablespoon of UNSALTED butter. I read that this is ok, in serious moderation. Make sure, if you use butter, that it is unsalted, as babies' tiny kidneys can't handle the salt yet. Potatoes pretty much need a little something; they're so starchy and kind of bland without.

Here's the finished product!

Tasting time!
DISLIKE! Thanks, Hector, for catching my face too! :)

That left eye kept twitching... poor baby! They tasted just like mashed potatoes!

I think he had a huge issue with the texture. Hector gave them to him again later and added more water.

"Can we stop, please????"

I think this was about the last bite I tried with him. 

He's had the potatoes a few times since then and still isn't a fan, but will eat them. Next time, I'll add either carrots or sweet potatoes to the mix to sweeten it up a bit. 

Now, I didn't take pictures of these, but I also started bananas with Cohen. This guy LOVES bananas! Even from the very first bite. I bought some organic bananas. I took half a banana, mashed it with a fork until it was really macerated and gooey looking. Then I added a half scoop of formula and a little water. 
And lately, I've been mixing it with his oatmeal--big hit!

On the menu tomorrow: Creamy broccoli! (I'm worried about this one!) 
This weekend: Mashed papaya!

Check back! :)

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  1. Awesome job mama!! I'm glad the pears were easier! Jarvis was NEVER a big fan of mashed potatoes, no idea why! But he loved sweet potatoes. And yes, unsalted butter in moderation is just fine! Some foods actually need the fats in the butter to be absorbed better (carrots and several others), so be sure to add it if needed! Broccoli isn't too bad, good luck!!


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