Tuesday, June 5, 2012

something yummy for y'all

I realize I haven't written a post since almost Mother's Day.. so, I thought I'd entice you back with a yummy Mexican meal. :)

On our meal plan for the next two weeks, we have:
-Brisket tacos
-French Dip sandwiches
-Taco soup
-Chicken helper (don't judge, we're busy)

Most of those first dishes will make about 2-3 meals for us, for sure.

So, last night, we made the Flautas. Hector said he remembers them from Mexico.

He started by making his salsa verde. I hesitated to show it, because it's so, so, so good. And I'm greedy. :)

Onion, garlic, tomatillos, jalapenos, avocado and cilantro.

Place ingredients in blender.

Blend. Add in avocado (we used 4) then add in cilantro (as much as you want). Blend again.

Voila! It's comparable (I think better...) than Taco Diner's salsa verde. :) 

Now for the flautas. I was entertaining a busy 17 month old while Hector was preparing these, so I only got a couple pictures.
He boiled some chicken and shredded it really fine. Then I *think* he salted and peppered the chicken.
Next, he rolled it up in small corn tortillas.

Now comes the frying! He just heated a little vegetable oil in a skillet over medium heat. 

Keep the kids out of the kitchen--that oil jumps! :-/ Just turn them a little, to crisp up all sides. 

Slather on some sour cream, sprinkle with salt and pepper then splash on some lime juice. 

Hector added some queso fresco and put his salsa on top. 

Y'all, these are delicious. So, so good. It will make you never want to eat those Deli-Mex taquitos ever again! :)

I hope you guys enjoy these, they're worth a try!

And here's our cutie for you:
Meals are messy now, especially because we have spoon therapy now.

It's hard work! :)

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