Monday, April 9, 2012

New 'do.

So, it was definitely time for a hair cut for our little guy. It was IN his eyes all the time. And covering his ears. And making him sweat constantly.

I'm so bittersweet about haircuts for him. I love love love his hair. Not many babies get that, and I hope all of mine do. But anyways, it makes me so sad to think of cutting it off.

We took him back to the same place, Sharkey's Cuts for Kids. We like it alright. They have cool seats for the kids to sit in.. like Lightning McQueen, the Barbie Jeep, etc. Both times we've gone, Cohen has gotten Lightning McQueen. Too bad they don't have a Maximus horse from Tangled, he'd eat that right up!

The first time we went, an older lady (around 60?) cut his hair.. I was NERVOUS.. but she did ok. This time a lady, probably 35 cut his hair. She did pretty good. She was great with interacting with him and letting him feel the razor vibrate ("tickle") before she put it on his head, or blowing the blow dryer at herself before putting it on him, or spraying water on his arm before his head. Things like that. That didn't keep him from screaming. He didn't cry once the first time (on his first birthday). This time, after about one minute, he screamed and cried the entire time. Never mind that Sesame Street was playing just for him on the television to his left or that Cars was playing just for him on the television to his right. Nope. Not having it. He would barely eat the puffs I offered him. I had to back away to hide my own tears a couple of times. :(

BEFORE...poor baby has no idea what we're about to put him through

The next photos are during. Obviously.
Tears started coming..

How they cut their hair while they're writhing in that chair.. I have no clue!

Clutching the edge, trying to get away..

Probably scared of all that hair that was just on his head!

If  you're wondering why there are no more pictures of the actual haircutting, it's because I had to put the camera away to hold him down. We had to let him stand in the car and hug me, with his head pressed against my chest. It. Was. Awful. :( I kept telling myself, "he needs this, he needs this..." 

Here he is, post cut!

I think he's still handsome, just not in a baby way anymore.

I don't think haircuts are brutal. I just hate that he was so scared by it and wigged out so bad. 

We did say, as we were driving home, we don't think he'll have any more haircuts until he can understand a little better what's going on and that we're not hurting him. And perhaps when he can follow directions a little better. I don't want him to lose any bit of trust in us. 

So, there ya go! Freshly groomed Cohen!

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