Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

Well, Easter was one of my minor holidays to work this year. I was supposed to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday, like normal. I ended up being forced to take PTO on Saturday (to avoid being cancelled without pay) so we were able to attend an Easter Service at Watermark! It was so wonderful!

Unfortunately, Cohen has yet to experience an Easter egg hunt. I'm hoping next year is the year. :)

Here is Cohen LAST YEAR on Easter, a mere 3 months old.

Before he could really move out of the picture :)

So, this year, we did Easter basket on Sunday evening, when I got home from work. Because I'm a little selfish and wanted to see him open it. :)

Easter Basket 2012! 

"Umm..what is this?"

There were puffs in all the eggs. :)

Jesus Loves Me book.

The contents: two summer outfits, sock monkey bunny, new sippy cup, book, chocolate marshmallow cross (I ate it), Peeps "sucker" (daddy and I ate it) and eggs filled with Puffs!

Isn't that cute?

Quite confused about why there's an empty cup being given to him.

Mama, you open this egg?

It was a wonderful Easter, though I was working. :) (getting used to saying that!) And we end the weekend feeling so blessed. And so thankful that Jesus defeated death and rose from the grave all those years ago. We're so unworthy, yet still He loves us. 

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  1. I can't believe how much Coco has changed since last year!! Such a cutie!


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