Monday, October 17, 2011


I'm not sure if you've jumped on the pinterest wagon yet, or not, but if you haven't.... You should. Right after you read this. :)

You browse their pins, or pin your own ideas (images from websites, blogs, etc) onto boards. You can name your boards. Examples include: "Wedding plans", "Renovating the bathroom", "Halloween decor", "First birthday ideas" etc. Options are literally endless.

Don't get discouraged, though, when you go to get an account. It will tell you that you need an invite. And it may not send you an invite for up to 24 hours (so I've heard), I got my invite within an hour of requesting one (don't be jealous). I tell everyone about pinterest. I got my mom to do it, I convinced a coworker to get one last weekend (didn't take much, right Michelle?), I think I even sufficiently pushed the check out lady at Hobby Lobby today to start one.

You're going to be overwhelmed. There are so many ideas, extremely clever things you'll wish you'd thought of. It helps you find things from the internet (which is so much bigger than I'd ever imagined) that you probably would have never, ever found on your own.

Enough babble, let me show you what I accomplished today.

A few days ago, I saw (on pinterest) a tutorial for how to make babylegs. These are super cute, footless leggings for babies. They're genius. They protect knees while crawling, they make diaper changes so easy (legs covered, but no waist, zippers, buttons, snaps to deal with) and they're darn cute. But they run ya 12 bucks a pop! Anyways, I wanted to figure out how to make them myself, so, I typed "babylegs" into the search box on pinterest. Like a billion images popped up, but I clicked on one that said, "Baby legs tutorial; Easy!" or something like that, I can't remember, because I changed it when I repinned it. But it had this adorable picture to help sway my decision. Here's the original post.

{they cloth diaper, too!!}

So, I wanted to make some babylegs that Cohen could wear with his Halloween costume on Wednesday to the zoo. I found these socks at Target for $6.00. They're women's knee-high socks.

Fuzzy... kinda hard to work with..  But they match our costume.

Cut a straight line above and below the heel, and above the toe.

Fold each small piece over on itself, so the good (outer) sides are facing you.

Pull the folded piece around the bottom of the long sock. All three unfinished edges should be at the end. And you should only see the good sides.

See? Only good sides. 

Stitch around the unfinished edges. I stitched about a 1/4 inch below the edges. I did a kind of loose stitch, I knew it would need to stretch a little.

After sewn, unfold! (it's the one on the left that I sewed. I sewed the right one too, but this is the manufactured end.)

Voila! Handmade baby legs! Can't wait to try these on Cohen for Halloween!

So, yes, that was my first pinterest project! Ready for my second? Ok!!

I saw this a few weeks ago, and when walking past the scrapbooking section at Hobby Lobby today, I decided, Today's the Day. It's a weekly, family calendar from, get this: a collage frame! Behold.

Clever right? It's dry erase because it's glass!

Anyhoo, here are my supplies.
A $12.00 collage frame from Wal*Mart and 8 pieces of scrapbooking paper that I got from a pack (of 36, double-sided) from Hobby Lobby for around $5. (with a 40% off coupon from their website)

Cut your pieces of paper to fit the size of your frames. Mine were 4x6in.

Remove the cardboard pieces and insert your papers. (easy, right?)

Taa-daa! Write on it with a dry erase marker! It can also hang up and down, like the inspiration post.

You can pick any patterns or colors..endless options!

Then hang it up in a central place! I LOVE it!

Are you already a member of pinterest? What have you made?? Please share!

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  1. Em I love your projects!!! I have done a couple of things.. I got the ideas from this blog posted to Pinterest:

    I antiqued plain wooden frame that you can buy from Hobby Lobby in the wood section, put scrap book paper where the picture goes and wrote a Happy Birthday message on the paper... the antiqued frame matches her room decor!

    I've also antiqued wooden letters (also from Hobby Lobby..super cheap) and antiqued those as well... I have 2 more letters left and Im placing each letter on a burlap wrapped canvas. Its going to hang in the entry way I believe. Ill take pics when Im done.
    Also I am about to start another project Im excited about!! I have the supplies just need to find the time, but its an EASY diy anthropologie style letters for SUPER cheap!

    This is Leslie Pate btw! :)


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